63 to 65mm Wooden Blinds

63 to 65mm Wooden Blinds

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Our 63mm wooden Venetian blinds allow exceptional light control as well as privacy, making them great for bathrooms. Their durability and style combine to provide the ideal look and feel for your chosen room, and are an affordable solution for styling. Go with one of our natural shades for a more classic and traditional aesthetic, or alternatively choose a grey shade for a chic and contemporary feel.

Our collection of thick wooden blinds is crafted from durable PVC with the authentic look and touch of real wood. The use of PVC gives our selection of blinds an elegant appearance while ensuring they’re safe from being damaged by water, making them the ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens. The 65mm wooden blinds come in a range of natural colours, as well as modern grey tones, so you can find the right blinds for you.