Bathroom Blinds

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Bathroom Blinds.

Your bathroom functions in quite a different way to the rest of the rooms in your home and therefore the blinds you choose for the bathroom should reflect the rooms use.

Firstly, no other room in your home will see quite as much water as your bathroom and where there's water, there's potentially damp and water stains. Another consideration is that people spend a great deal of time in the bathroom in the nude so it's vital to keep privacy in mind when you're choosing blinds for your bathroom. Many bathrooms also tend to have smaller windows as bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house so blinds which let in natural light are a must.

You may want to consider either waterproof Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds or Wooden Blinds to put in your bathroom as they are ideal for the environment. 

Water resistant bathroom window blinds

The material you choose for your bathroom blinds needs to be appropriate for the damp conditions experienced in the bathroom. Make sure you invest in water resistant blinds which will help to keep damp away and also avoid unsightly water marks. Most specialist bathroom blinds can be wiped clean and so are ideal for quick cleaning.

Light blinds with simple lines

Heavy fabric blinds such as Roman blinds or Pleated blinds may look great in other rooms of the house but they're not the best choice for bathrooms. Material is susceptible to mildew especially if damp patches gather in the folds of fabric. Mildew can permanently damage blinds as it looks unsightly and leaves a musty smell. Blinds with less fabric such as roller blinds are a better option as they dry quickly and don't have folds of fabric for mildew to find a home in.

Wooden blinds for the bathroom

Authentic wood is not a great choice for bathroom blinds as damp wood can warp and even split. However if you want the look of wood without the maintenance or potential damage, then choose a wood effect blind and achieve the look the easy way.

Privacy and light

Most bathrooms have frosted glass to protect you from prying eyes however if your bathroom has regular glass or if you require extra privacy then take this into account when you choose your bathroom window blinds. Although blackout blinds offer plenty of privacy, they're not a great option if you want to let natural light into the room. A great alternative to blackout blinds are one way shades which you can see out of but no one outside can see through so you can still experience natural light without worrying about your privacy. Light colours such as pale green, light blue and pastel shades will help to brighten up your bathroom.