Bedroom Blinds

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Bedroom Blinds

The most important aspect of any bedroom is to make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible and the blinds you choose can make a big difference to the comfort factor of the room.

What To Consider

Colour, material, style and practical usage are all things to consider for your bedroom blinds as well as how you use your bedroom. If you work nights and sleep in the day for example, then you should consider investing in blackout blinds for your bedroom to keep the sun light completely out of the room during the day. To help you select the right blinds, take a look at the quick guide below.


Master Bedroom Blinds

Your master bedroom should be a place to retreat to away from the goings on in the rest of the house and the outside world, particularly if you have a large family or have a hectic life style. Bedroom blinds can help to promote a calm environment in the room so whether you like a minimalist, romantic or luxurious look, there are many options available. If you prefer the look of clean lines and bold colours then the classic roller blinds are a great solution. Roller blinds are easy to install, simple to clean and are very durable making them a good investment. They come in a huge range of colours so whether you want striking red, bright racing green or a more subtle shade, plenty of colours are available.

If you want to make your bedroom more romantic or luxurious then opting for the tumbling fabric of Roman blinds can add warmth and elegance to your bedroom. The thick fabric makes these blinds a practical alternative to curtains. There are many subtle and pastel colour options however if you plan to make the windows a focal point, then you could choose a colour which makes a real impact such as orange or crimson. Materials such as faux suede can add even more depth to Roman blinds and create a truly luxurious look. Most styles of bedroom blinds are available with the option of blackout technology which will make your bedroom impervious to sunlight - perfect for a long lay in.


Children's Bedroom Blinds

Curtains are not always a practical choice for children's bedrooms as they need regular washing and can gather dust. Children's bedroom blinds are a great alternative as many blinds can be wiped clean to remove marks or dust. Children's blinds can be fun and unique so even the most discerning child (or parent!) can find the perfect match. You could choose a patterned blind with cartoon pictures, dots, lines or flowers or a brightly coloured blind to add an eye catching feature to the room or to match existing furnishings. Whatever style of blind you choose for your child's bedroom, make sure it has pull cords which cannot be reached by children as these can be a potential danger.