Vertical Blinds

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If you’ve never had vertical blinds before then you can look forward to a number of practical and aesthetic advantages.

You have greater control over the amount of light in the room by adjusting your vertical blinds. Open them fully to let in the warm natural light, or reduce the glare on your TV screen by setting them half-closed – it’s up to you. Plus, when they’re fully closed, they’re one of the most effective ways of blocking out the light completely.

Considering their ease of use and superb wipe-clean practicality, the benefits of made to measure vertical blinds become clearer still.

There are also options that make your vertical blinds especially suited to particular rooms in the home. For example, our blackout versions are ideal for bedrooms, while the energy-saving and insulating ECO2 range will help to prevent heat loss from even the largest windows or patio doors.