Kitchen Blinds

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Kitchen Blinds

Huge variety of colours and patterns

Kitchen roller window blinds come in pretty much every colour imaginable from neutral white right the way through to striking reds, blues and greens. This great range of colours makes them a practical choice for every room but they work very well in kitchens. This is because you'll be able to find the right shade to complement your existing colour scheme. Patterned roller blinds look particularly great in kitchens and bathrooms as these rooms tend to have less decorations and soft furnishing than other rooms in the home. Patterned and coloured blinds are also a great choice if you're going for a particular theme in a room such as a children's nursery, a masculine bathroom or a country style kitchen.

Personalised finishing touches

Although roller blinds are usually a more affordable and simple option for kitchens, you can still make your own mark on them with personalised finishes. You can usually choose from the type of bead chain you prefer and also the style of cut at the bottom of the blind such as a curved or zigzagged edge. You can even choose the type of bottom pole on the blinds to make them truly bespoke to your home and match your existing decor.

Easy to use

What could be simpler in the world of blinds than pulling one cord to drop or retract the shade? Quality roller blinds will roll up and down with ease which means they're highly functional. Most of these blinds can be easily removed for cleaning or feature a wipe clean surface making them very low maintenance.

Lots of fabrics

Just because roller window blinds are simple in their design, it doesn't mean that there's a limited choice when it comes to the fabric and material you can choose from. Options include luxurious faux suede and leather which are perfect for bedrooms and living rooms or shades with a light woven texture which can add a focal point to kitchen windows for example. Woven-style blinds in natural shades such as linen are a great choice to create a calming effect in bedrooms. Moisture resistant blinds are highly suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.