Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

For both function and style you can’t go wrong with Venetian Blinds, they offer a modern and contemporary feel for any window in every room in your home. As you can see here at 247Blinds we have a vast range of styles, colours and you can change your slat widths.

Made to Measure Venetian Blinds

You can get the venetian blinds in a number of different high quality materials, they can be bought in wood, PVC and the standard aluminium format. One of the main reasons a venetian blind is so popular is the functionality of them, you can gain total privacy with a quick turn of the control.

Play with colour and finish:

Due to the fact there are so many different variations of venetian blinds to pick from they are ideal to go in any room in your home. There are not many blinds as flexible to look equally good in kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms. They can create a style piece in your home and a feature very easily.

 If you are looking for something that little bit special, why not consider our special finish collection. These are a range of venetian blinds with reflective tones that can look really great in your home.

You can make your blinds look extra special by adding some ladder tapes. These can be done in either contrasting colours or a coordinating colour. The look that can be achieved by doing this is one of a more expensive shutter.

Perforated collection:

If diffusion of light is something that you wish to do in your home you should consider looking at one of our perforated venetian blinds. These simply and effectively create the mood you require in your home and are ideal for reducing glare around TV’s or PC’s.  

Get the Wood look:

We also offer a great alternative to wood venetian blinds, with our wood effect blinds, these are a lovely modern looking alternative to wooden blinds, coming in a number of different tones and shades giving the appearance of a much more expensive wooden blind.

Style and functionality in one blind

If you are wanting a stylish and versatile blind to have in your window then you should consider a venetian blind. The different options available allow you to really personalise your blinds and get a look you can be really proud of. They have a timeless appeal and an unprecedented durability making them an ideal choice.  

247 Blinds make it quick and easy for you to find made to measure Venetian blinds, to suit your needs and add style or a contemporary look to any room in your home. They’re available in a comprehensive, quality range of colours, finishes and materials, and even a range of different slat widths to allow you to fully customise their look and feel.

Venetian blinds are an exceptionally practical choice; simple to use and reliable, they’re also very easy to keep clean – a regular wipe with a duster or a damp cloth will keep them looking as good as new.

In terms of style, you can opt for a number of different finishes - we even offer Venetian blinds with perforated slats suited to those who want a level of privacy without blocking out all the light.