Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

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Vertical Blinds are one of the most popular styles of blinds in the UK especially for home and offices. The simple controls make Vertical blinds ideal for light filtering with a stylish look for smaller and large scale windows and doors. A great alternative to traditional curtains, vertical blinds create m modern look in a room with excellent light filtering controls.


Made To Measure Vertical Blinds

Affordably priced with dozens of beautiful styles, colours and patterns, Vertical Blinds are the perfect blind for creating a fresh new look for windows or sliding door with smooth controls that keep the vanes perfectly aligned for excellent light control.


You will find many of our vertical blinds come in stunning natural shades that can blend with your existing décor with ease but instantly update your room a fresh new look at a very affordable price.  This stylish and versatile product come in a large selection of colours and offers all the practicality you could want.


Stylish and functional:

Flexible vertical blinds can be used in many rooms but are a perfect choice for kitchens as the materials used do not pose potential fire hazard. Also in our collection you will find vanes designed with materials that do not retain unwanted smells that may linger in the kitchen.  


Another practical feature of 24/7 vertical blinds is the thin woven style slats which are waterproof and can be easily wiped down and kept clean, making them even more suitable for your kitchen.


Vertical blinds are also very popular for living rooms creating a much more modern look than traditional curtains with the added advantage of superb light control. When you are watching television for example you can angle the vanes to stop the sunlight coming through and when you want to let the in again you simply change the angle of the slat until the desired level of light is achieved. 


If you are looking for a bedroom blind then our Origin Blackout range with blackout properties that help block any unwanted sunlight so you can sleep better, could be just the right solution.  The blinds in this collection include soft chenille and silk looks that would look good with any bedroom style.


Energy saving blinds have also become very popular with customers so take a look at our EC02 collection that features thermal properties with a unique Solar Protective Coating that help to keep your room cool in the summer and  keep out the cold in the winter.


Easy Operation:

Easy operation and superior light control, our vertical blinds are an ideal solution for every window type from sliding glass doors to bay windows. Simple to use, vertical blinds are a collection of individual vanes that are controlled via a track that changes the angle of the vane for the desired amount of light control or privacy.   Our blinds feature a range of wipe clean or waterproof vanes that stay fresh, solar protection and flame retardant vanes, plus energy saving options so you are sure to find just the right combination of style and functionality from your home.

If you’ve never had vertical blinds before then you can look forward to a number of practical and aesthetic advantages.

You have greater control over the amount of light in the room by adjusting your vertical blinds. Open them fully to let in the warm natural light, or reduce the glare on your TV screen by setting them half-closed – it’s up to you. Plus, when they’re fully closed, they’re one of the most effective ways of blocking out the light completely.

Considering their ease of use and superb wipe-clean practicality, the benefits of made to measure vertical blinds become clearer still.

There are also options that make your vertical blinds especially suited to particular rooms in the home. For example, our blackout versions are ideal for bedrooms, while the energy-saving and insulating ECO2 range will help to prevent heat loss from even the largest windows or patio doors.