Childrens Blackout Blinds

Childrens Blackout Blinds

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With a quality finish at a reasonable price, you’ll be able to easily change your chosen style of blinds as your child grows. With nursery blackout blinds incorporating fun patterns, to simple yet stylish blinds for a teenager’s preferred hangout, 247 Blinds offer the perfect selection for your kids.

Our made to measure service also means you’ll be able to get blackout blinds for your children’s bedroom which are a perfect fit for the windows. Made with luxury in mind, our blackout blinds will help make sure your little ones stay asleep and are not disturbed by any light coming through their window.

Nowhere in the home is it more important to exclude light at night time than in a child’s bedroom. Everything from street lights to the late-setting sun can play havoc with their developing sleep patterns, so having some blackout blinds in your child’s room can make all the difference.

On the window-facing side, our children’s blackout blinds are lined with a totally opaque PVC coating to prevent any light from penetrating through, but on the room side it’s a very different story. Our range of blackout blinds comes in a variety of styles, colours and patterns, and look great in bedrooms or playrooms.