Keylite Blinds

Keylite Blinds

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Whether you’re creating a cosy nook for quiet contemplation or kitting out the guest room in a welcoming way, you will find the quality of our roof window blinds is unrivalled. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cheap prices we’re able to offer you too.

While ease of use is important to us, it’s not all about functionality when it comes to making your selection. Our extensive collection of blinds for Keylite windows incorporates shades in classic and new season colours, with prints and patterns in palettes that will complement your design scheme or stand out as a key feature.

Nice and neutral or bold and bright – how colourful do you dare to go? You’ll find more blinds for use in attic rooms in our skylight blinds range.

Keylite window blinds can mean the difference between a so-so slumber and a great sleep, and our collection of these easy-to-fit wonders proves that Keylite blinds can look stylish as well as being superb sleeping aids.

Specially designed as window coverings that fit hard to reach corners at awkward angles, our Keylite blinds are available across the UK, with the option to upgrade delivery to the next day if needed.

If you have a Keylite window in your loft room or attic space and want to set up a sunshine exclusion zone when it’s time to sleep, the tightly woven blackout fabric used in our Keylite roof blinds offers reliable relief.