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Roman Blinds

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Modern Woven Patterns

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Intricately stitched, beautifully coloured, and wonderfully presented the Modern Woven Patterns collection features roman blinds in a variety of plain and patterned fabrics, all with one thing in common - the ornate, skilled weave featured across their canvas. No matter the fabric, these blinds offer texture through their gorgeously stunning stitching.

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What are Roman Blinds?

Roman Blinds are a decorative blind which is available in a wide range of different fabrics, and also with many different lining options. As you raise the blind, the fabric will fold into pleats to allow for light control. The blind is usually operated with a chrome chain and sidewinder mechanism.

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How do Roman blinds Work?

Roman Blinds work by combining a flat piece of fabric with a number of stability rods (not visible from the front). When the blind is raised, strings attached to the rods will pull each rod up to the next, causing the fabric to fold into neat pleats.

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What do Roman blinds look like from the outside?

Generally, the back of a roman blind will not use the same fabric that is visible on the front, instead, expect to see a plain (usually white) fabric. Along the back will also be little pockets where the stability rods will have been sewn in.

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How much do Roman Blinds cost?

The price of Roman Blinds will vary considerably between the type of fabric used, the brand of the product, and the different lining options available. Roman Blinds are generally considered a luxury type of blind.

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