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Discover More About Our Stick Fit Blinds

Our latest range of no-drill blinds, Stick Fit blinds, offer a smart solution for fitting to practically any window! No screws, messy drilling or complicated fitting involved, Stick Fit blinds use adhesive strips to stick the window pane. Discover more about this modern blind from 247 blinds and get the perfect blind for your living room, bedroom, or kitchen! To learn more about this blind, have a look at our FAQs below:


What are Stick Fit Blinds?

Stick Fit blinds are the sister product to our range of Clip Fit blinds. Where Clip Fit use the window beading to anchor its brackets to, Stick Fit instead using adhesive side channels. These side channels stick to your window glass, and from there you simply click your blind into place! It's a great solution for those homes that require a drill-free fitting solution.


What styles of Stick Fit are available?

You can choose three specific styles of Stick Fit Blinds. All of these use the same method of fitting and similar components :-

Stick Fit Venetian BlindsA classic blind style, Venetian blinds have been around for decades. Pick from our range of aluminium 25mm slats for a contemporary finish. As a bonus, these slats are rust-free by design, making them perfect for kitchens.


Stick Fit Pleated Blinds — This style provides a single pleated fabric. Our Solaris range also has a special UV-Reflective solar coating, making them perfect for windows directly facing the sun. Guide wires will be visible.


Stick Fit Honeycomb BlindsA firm UK favourite, these pleated blinds are also known as cellular or duo due to their special comb-like structure. These fabrics are the most effective thermal options available, and the guide wires are hidden from sight within the fabric.


Are Stick Fit Blinds Energy-Saving?

Simply put, yes they are!  There are certain types that are better than others, and we'll explain how!  

Stick Fit Pleated Blinds — These provide fabric that's installed close to the glass. This fabric is a single plissé structure, with a concertina (or pleat) appearance. These offer some thermal protection, as the pleat allows air to pass behind the glass.

Stick Fit Honeycomb Blinds— These blinds have a special comb-like structure, and are made with dimout, light-filtering fabric. Designed to promote air-flow, the fabric traps warm air in the window and cool air in the summer. This makes these fabrics the 2nd best, thermal energy-saving fabrics we offer.

Stick Fit Honeycomb Blackout Blinds — These fabrics tend to be the best thermal energy-saving fabrics we offer. If you select a fabric that has a special foil-lined internal layer as well, you'll be saving extra against those energy bills. Like their light-filtering twins, these fabrics have a special comb-like structure that promotes air flow.

Do you need a drill to fit?

No you don't! Stick Fit blinds fit to your window using a drill-free method. By using supportive, adhesive side channels, all you have to do is apply then click your blind into place. If you've chosen a Venetian style, then just add the clear-tilt wand — It's as easy as that!


What is the difference between Clip Fit and Surface Fit blinds?

Clip Fit blinds are very similar, the core difference between those and Stick Fit is the method of fitting. Stick Fit and Clip Fit will have the same head and bottom rails, and similar fabrics available. Clip Fit use brackets that slide under the window beading, then you add side channels and then the blind. Whereas for Stick FIt you add the side channels first, sticking them directly to the glass, then add your blind on and done!


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