Thermal Roller Blinds

Thermal Roller Blinds

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Thermal roller blinds are particularly useful in rooms that you spend large portions of time in, such as the living room. Choose from one of our many light tones to create a comforting ambience.

A thermal roller blind would also make a great addition to any bedroom. Their ability to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer will allow you to regulate the room temperature more effectively and ensure a good night’s sleep.

Our collection of thermal roller blinds contains the most versatile and practical blinds on the market. Not only do they help to retain heat in the winter, but they also help keep out the excess warmth during summer months. The unique Solar Protective Coating that covers all our thermal roller blinds helps reflect heat back through the windows.

Not only are the blinds incredibly functional, but they also come in an array of different colours, meaning there’s no need to sacrifice on style either.