6 Reasons Christmas is the Best Time of the Year


Posted 20/12/2017

Are you a summer person or a winter person? If you’re a winter person, you’re probably already convinced that Christmas, or the winter holidays or whatever the season means to you, is the best time of the year. If summer’s more your thing, you might take some convincing. But convince you, we will – or try, at least! Here’s why the holidays are simply awesome:


1. Togetherness

And we don’t just mean family and friends – although that’s clearly wonderful – but neighbours and strangers and communities. Most people are off work, in good moods, and just generally feeling the love. We say Merry Christmas to people we’ve never spoken to before, we gather together to watch lights being switched on, we send cards to neighbours we barely see. We’re together like at no other time of year.


2. Family & friends

The holidays are a time for family, whether by blood or by choice, and they offer a great opportunity for spending quality time together. It’s a special time for everyone, but for many, it’s the only special time they get together all year. 


3. Food

Even if you’re a proper scrooge, you’ve got to admit the food is good at Christmas! Turkey, pigs in blankets, roast potatoes, mince pies, cheese and crackers, and even sprouts (we admit it, we’re secret sprout lovers). Now, crack open that mulled wine, will you?


4. Silliness

We’re silly all year round, so we love the silliness that starts in December! Chanting ‘ho ho ho’, pulling crackers, wearing paper hats, telling terrible jokes, and goofing around with fun presents – what’s not to love?


5. Presents

Everyone loves giving gifts and everyone loves getting them. Nothing wrong with that! The best bit about Christmas is that you get to do both, and what could be better? Oh, and gift-wrapping is so much fun!


6. Decorations

Oh, the glitz, the glamour, and the downright tacky! We love it all. Fairy lights and garlands and tinsel and baubles – these are the things that make this time of year feel bright and magical. And don’t forget to hang those stockings, will you!

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