Plantation Shutters

  1. Bromley Collection

    Our BROMLEY COLLECTION of plantation shutters are made from a water-proof, hardwearing, faux wood with a choice of beautiful colours and shades.  This luxurious collection features a swathe of classic colours; from saturated modern greys, warming heritage cream shades and of course the ever-popular white options. Available in a range of styles to suit you; create a chic look with a Café style, opt for a refined Full Height shutter or get the best in light and privacy control with a Tier on Tier shutter.  This collection provides both classic and contemporary styles, made to last, our popular plantation shutters will add a touch of class to any room.

  2. Bromley, True White - Plantation Shutter
  3. Bromley, Pure White - Plantation Shutter
  4. Bromley, Classic White - Plantation Shutter
  5. Bromley, Porcelain White - Plantation Shutter
  6. Bromley, Paper White - Plantation Shutter
  7. Bromley, Snow White - Plantation Shutter
  8. Bromley, Dairy Cream - Plantation Shutter
  9. Bromley, Dove Grey - Plantation Shutter
  10. Bromley, Cool Grey - Plantation Shutter
  11. Bromley, Nimbus Grey - Plantation Shutter
  12. Bromley, Smoke Grey - Plantation Shutter
  13. Kensington Collection

    Our KENSINGTON COLLECTION of plantation shutters are carefully crafted from durable, quality hardwood, and are available in a stylish range of painted colours.  From stylish monotone greys, to saturated creamy tones, to the ever-classic whites, this collection of colours will never go out of trend.  Available in three style options; popular Full Height, to ultra-stylish Café, to ultra-modern Tier on Tier shutters, you have plenty to choose from our bespoke range. Plantation shutters are a blend of both classic and contemporary styles, with modern shades creating a refined, high-end finish. Get the perfect look with this real-wood range.

  14. Kensington, Atlantic White - Plantation Shutter
  15. Kensington, Cotton White - Plantation Shutter
  16. Kensington, Powder White - Plantation Shutter
  17. Kensington, Muted White - Plantation Shutter
  18. Kensington, Off White - Plantation Shutter
  19. Kensington, Cream - Plantation Shutter
  20. Kensington, Ivory - Plantation Shutter
  21. Kensington, Heritage Cream - Plantation Shutter
  22. Kensington, French Grey - Plantation Shutter
  23. Kensington, Cloud Grey - Plantation Shutter
  24. Perfect Fit Shutters

    Achieve a luxurious finish with our range of stylish Perfect Fit© Shutters. Made from Polysilk Vinyl, these waterproof shutters are quick and easy to fit with their clip 'n' fit system made for uPVC windows and doors. Choose from this range of stylish whites, from light and airy Breeze white to the frosty Ice White, and you'll be amazed at how crisp and sleek they'll make your home appear. Perfect for conservatories, bathrooms, bedrooms and even kitchens, these blinds are designed with durability and simplistic style in mind.

  25. Sierra, Ice White - Perfect Fit Shutter Blind
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Plantation Shutters 

Here at 247 Blinds we provide you the best options for ordering your new Plantation Shutters. Plantation Shutters are internal shutters that provide optimal light and privacy control, whilst providing a timeless update to your windows.  Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, Shutters provide an upmarket appearance, clean contemporary design and help reduce noise and energy bills.

At 247 blinds, we’ve sourced the best possible shutter materials and styles for your home; from traditional real woods, to durable faux wood options, Shutters are a fantastic way to finish off your living space. Not only have we sourced the best materials and popular colour options, but we’ve provided these with an incredible 5-year guarantee, and competitive prices.  Follow our guide on how to measure and give our friendly customer services a call.  Free and unlimited samples are available, so you can make get the perfect finish to match your style.

Our easy fitting guide will see your new shutters up in no time at all, to the envy of all your family and friends.


How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

Plantation shutters are priced by their square footage and material chosen, so as a general rule; the bigger they are, the more expensive they will be. Optional extras can also influence their final price due to shutters manufacturing complexity and demand. 

We offer a made to measure service, allowing our customers to make a substantial saving on the price as an alternative to those supplied and installed by a trades' person. You measure and fit your blinds, saving up to 70% on the RRP price from high-street and trade prices.

Our easy-to-follow shutters measuring, and fitting guide gives you all the information you will need to have them up in no time, and we also offer our Measure Guard for extra peace of mind.


Which Plantation Shutters Are The Best?

At 247 Blinds, our Plantation Shutters have been carefully selected to give the best quality and prices on the market. Our range of shutters are custom-made, to snugly fit in windows of any size, and give you a timeless look. All our Shutters come with a brilliant 5-year guarantee, so you can be at peace of mind they look will great year-on-year.

Really, it’s all about personal choice and the finished style you pick (Full Height, Tier on Tier and Café), then the material and colour you opt for. All our shutters have the elliptical-styled slats, and come in a size range of 64mm, 76mm and 86mm. Pop a FREE sample in your basket, measure up, order and wait for your bespoke, perfectly made shutters to arrive.


Why Choose Plantation Shutters?

Plantation shutters come with a heap of aesthetic and practical advantages, the clean lines of the louvred slats bring a bright and fresh feel to any room. Practically, these are a great solution for privacy and easily kept clean with a quick dust over, which can be a bit of a challenge on some of our softer fabric blinds.

Plantation shutters are also more “fitted” vs other traditional blinds, as they are fitted snugly within a support frame. Usually when fitted this frame is then drilled to the sides of your window recess.

You also have many modern updates to this classic product; from flame-retardant faux wood shutters that are crack resistant, warp resistant and waterproof, to hard-wearing, sustainably grown real woods. Each colour and option have been carefully curated to match demand and trends.


Why Choose Real Wood Shutters?

Real wooden shutters used to have two main issues : they were extremely heavy and expensive due to the hardwood source. Now we have a new range of real wood shutters, the Kensington Collection, still made using hard wood and using a sustainably grown source. The wood used in our shutters is crafted using the Paulownia tree, which is also known as the Japanese Empress tree.

A fast grower, and lighter in weight than other sources, this makes this special hard wood, as a result, have an improved carbon footprint vs other hard wood sources. The lighter weight, but durable material helps to ensure not only a high-quality product, but one that’s also less prone to issues over years or decades of time. Painted, or wrapped to create the smooth finished look, our Kensington range of shutters still have the same high standards as all our other products. That’s a promise.


Why Choose Faux Wood Shutters?

Our range of Faux Wood Shutters, the Bromley Collection, features faux wooden slats, are made using HSPVC (Heat-shrinkable polyvinyl chloride), which creates a lightweight, waterproof and flame-retardant product. Fantastic for bathrooms, kitchens and high-traffic areas, these materials came in the modern market in response to scarce and expensive resources.

These shutters are designed to stand the test of time, whilst these faux wooden shutters receive an improved carbon footprint due to their lightweight carbon-dense material VS traditional wooden materials used pre-1980s. Their durability also helps improve the overall longevity of the product. Available in beautiful shades, which look just as lovely as the real thing, these are created to be long-lasting and offer a high-quality, modern finish at a fraction of the cost you’ll find on the high-street or through a trader.


What Size Louvre For Plantation Shutters?

The size of the slat (blade/louvre) is entirely personal preference, we offer three different size widths and as a quick guide this is what we recommend.

  • 64mm Slat – The most popular choice for any window size
  • 76mm Slat – Best for medium to large windows
  • 89mm Slat – Better suited for very large windows and doors


Are Plantation Shutters Good For Blackout?

Shutters are great for their many features, and keeping your space nice and dark is one of those great benefits. While you will not get a complete blackout from plantation shutters, they are great at controlling light and reducing any excess in the space.

Please take into account this is for full height and tier-on-tier shutter, café style are not suitable as they cover only a bottom portion of the window.

The rule of thumb when it comes to ordering shutters to darken a space is as follows: the larger the slat width, the more light it will block out from the room, this is because smaller slats create more gaps which can lead to excess light leakage. If you require a full blackout, we would recommend layering your shutters with a pair of blackout curtains to combine the effect for a total blackout.


Will Plantation Shutters Increase The Value Of My Home?

There’s nothing better for the value of your home than a little bit of kerb appeal. Shutters are a great way to transform the appeal of a home, especially if the home is sold with the shutters pre-installed. You can really make a house seem more upmarket and expensive by theming the decor to be a little more modern and contemporary, as people are happier to work on a simple base.  


Will Shutters Keep Out Noise?

Shutters are one of the best items we offer if reducing obnoxious outdoor traffic sounds. Due to their thick wooden structure and solid construction, they are great at absorbing and educing the ambient noise levels in your space. By creating a barrier between the window and your room, perfect for a cosy and serene atmosphere.

If you live in really noisy conditions, why not layer the two over each other for a double up effect and an even quieter space!


What Is The Most Popular Style Of Shutters?

There are three types of shutters that are the most commonly available; Full Height, Tier-on-Tier and Café style. The most commonly ordered type of shutter for us here at 247 are the full height style. Here is a small description of the three styles:

  • Full Height: full height are the standard shutters you will be used to seeing, they have single panel doors which run from top to bottom of the frame in the window. These are great for a simplistic look that brings a contemporary feel and a simple way to add some classy style to any space.
  • Tier-On-Tier: Tier on tier style shutters are very similar to full height shutters, however they feature a bar running horizontally across the frame to separate the doors into two separate panels for the top and bottom halves of the window. This style is great for having complete control over the light and privacy by giving you the option to have certain panels open such as the top sides shut to avoid and intrusive glare from the sun, whist keeping a nice view of the outdoors.
  • Café Style: Café style shutters are the type that is commonly seen in French cafés and coffee shops, these are the shutters that start at the bottom of the window and end, usually, halfway up the window glass. These are great for keeping a room feeling bright and open, whist still having the option to keep the nosey neighbours out! 
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