Blinds and Child Safety

As a member of the British Blinds and Shutters Association, 247 Blinds complies with BBSA’s strict guidelines regarding child safety and are tested to meet the regulations outlined in the British and European safety standard EN 13120:2009 + A1:2014.  

As part of our compliance with these regulations all blinds have built in safety mechanism to help to reduce the risk of an accident and to make sure that our blinds are out of reach of children, all the chains and cords provided with our products will be made at a maximum length of one meter.

General advice and tips :

Children want to explore the world around them which means many household products including blinds could pose a risk for them. Be aware that unrestrained cords, braids, loop chains and wires could be hazardous to young children.

• Window blind cords and chains must be kept out of reach of babies and small children to avoid the risk of strangulation and entanglement.

• Move chairs, beds and cots and any other furniture away from your windows and blinds  so that children cannot climb up and reach cords.

• Do not tie cords together.

• Make sure that cords do not twist and create a loop.

• When buying a new blind make sure it has a built in safety device.

• Install your blinds and safety devices according to the correct installation instructions to reduce the risk of an accident.

To get more information about child safety at home  visit:

British Blinds and Shutters Association

The British Blind and Shutter Association is Britain’s only trade association representing companies that manufacture and supply interior and exterior blinds, awnings, security grills and shutters. The BBSA is leading the development of the child safety aspects of the only European Standard for internal blinds (EN 13120).  All BBSA members have to comply with the child safety aspects of this standard and a number of non-members have committed to this requirement through the make it safe campaign. You can see much more safety information, including a video at:

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