Roman Blinds

Discover the timeless allure of our Roman blinds, where sophistication meets functionality. Crafted with precision, these blinds offer the plush appearance of curtains combined with the versatility of blinds. Whether you're looking to elevate a contemporary space or add a touch of luxury to a traditional home, 247 Blinds' Roman blinds represent refined style and unmatched quality.

Dive into our range and let the timeless charm of Roman Blinds transform your spaces, making every window a statement piece.

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Roman Blinds:  the Perfect Blend of Classic and Contemporary

At 247 Blinds, we pride ourselves on merging tradition with innovation. Our Roman blinds follow this philosophy, reflecting centuries-old elegance reimagined for today's homes. With each pleat, experience meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Timeless beauty

Roman blinds have an enduring charm that never goes out of style. Their clean, uncluttered lines add a touch of classic sophistication to any décor. And from neutral hues to vibrant patterns, our collection caters to varied tastes.  


Light and privacy control at your fingertips

Easily adjust the amount of natural light that enters your room with the gentle pull of a cord. Enjoy the perfect balance between brightness and privacy.



Roman blinds have a streamlined design, making them an excellent choice for rooms with limited space.


Insulating properties

Our Roman blinds offer excellent insulation, helping to regulate the temperature in your home and reduce energy bills.


Easy maintenance

Cleaning is a breeze. A quick dusting or gentle vacuuming is all it takes to keep your Roman blinds looking spick-and-span.


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Choosing the Right Roman Blinds for Your Space

Embarking on a décor revamp or just exploring options? Our Roman blinds selection guide offers invaluable insights so you can be confident that they perfectly complement your interiors.


Step-by-Step: Fitting Your Roman Blinds

Ready for installation? Our detailed blind fitting guide simplifies the process, so that your blinds are hung to perfection for optimal functionality and aesthetics.


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Roman Blinds FAQs:

What sets Roman blinds apart from other blinds?

Roman blinds are characterised by their soft and foldable fabric. They offer a luxurious and timeless aesthetic, blending the functionality of blinds with the beauty of curtains.


Can Roman blinds provide blackout functionality?

Absolutely. Customers can choose Roman blinds that come with a blackout lining option, for maximum light control and privacy for rooms like bedrooms.


How do I maintain and clean my Roman blinds?

Regular dusting and gentle vacuuming can keep your blinds fresh. For deeper cleaning, it's advisable to have your blinds cleaned by a dry-cleaner who specialises in curtain fabrics. 


Do Roman blinds offer energy efficiency?

Roman blinds with thicker or insulated fabrics can provide an added layer of insulation, helping regulate temperature and potentially reduce energy costs.


Are Roman blinds child-safe?

Yes! At 247 Blinds, all of our blinds, including Roman blinds, adhere to the UK's stringent child safety standards. 


How do you control a Roman blind?

Our blinds feature a superior ‘sidewinder’ mechanism. This modern system replaces traditional cord pulls, allowing for a smooth operation using a rust-resistant chrome chain control. 


How do Roman Blinds appear from the outside?

The back of our blinds is lined, visible from the outside. This lining can be ivory, white, or cream, with visible pockets where stability rods are sewn. The lining means a clean look from outside, whilst the interior enjoys thermal benefits and the beautiful front fabric.


How much do Roman Blinds typically cost?

Prices vary based on fabric type, brand, and lining options. While they can be pricier than other blinds, they're often more affordable than curtains or shutters. 

Our range starts at just £25*, with an average-sized blind (120cm x 120cm) around £74*.


Where are your Roman Blinds manufactured?

Our Roman blinds combine skilled craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology. With our dedicated team and stringent quality checks, we're proud to offer a 5 year guarantee on our products.

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