Everything you need to know about Roman Blinds – FAQ’s

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Posted 19/02/2019

Roman blinds are one of the most sought after styles of blind right now, and not a day goes by where we’re not asked about them. They come in a whole range of different styles and patterns, and certainly add that finishing touch you’ve been looking for.


To make your life nice and easy we’ve put together a whole host of FAQs that we get asked. That means all you need to do to find your answer is scroll down. If you get to the bottom and want to ask something else, feel free to get in touch. 


Can roman blinds be dry cleaned?

This is the cleaning option that we recommend. If you try and wash them yourself you may find that the liner and outer materials shrink at slightly different rates, altering the fit of your lovely new roman blinds. To keep them looking as good as new for years to come, pop along to the dry cleaners and let them work their magic.


What makes roman blinds unique?

Roman blinds are designed to take the practicality of roller blinds and throw in a good helping of style. The fabric naturally folds back on itself when you raise the blind, and gives an elegant and sophisticated look to your windows.


Can you vacuum roman blinds?

You certainly can. This old school method of cleaning curtains and blinds works perfectly well with roman blinds and it can save you a trip to the dry cleaners if all you want is a quick clean.


How do i know which thickness of fabric will work for roman blinds?

When you Google ‘Roman Blinds’ you’ll have seen all sorts of advice about which thickness and weight of fabric will work best for your new roman blinds. At 247Blinds we’ve already figured all of that out for you, which means all you need to do is browse our ever-growing selection and pick the colour and pattern that you love the most. Simple right?


Can roman blinds be cut to size?

The great thing about shopping with 247Blinds is that everything we sell is made to measure. You could order from us and then try and cut them down further if you really had your heart set on it, but why not leave that to us? It’s nice and simple that way! 


Do roman blinds crease when they fold?

Every fabric we use is specially selected because it won’t permanently crease when your roman blinds fold up. That way you never have to worry about getting the iron out before your guests arrive.  


Can roman blinds be fitted outside a recess?

Whether to fit inside or outside a recess is always a hot topic here in the 247Blinds office, and the answer is that it depends on what you want to achieve — they both look great.


Fitting inside the recess is great if you plan on having your blinds down a lot of the time. Whereas fitting them outside of the recess maximises the light that comes through your windows when your blinds are up.


Can roman blinds be motorised?

You can motorise all of our roman blinds if that’s what you’d like to do. Just make sure that you follow all of the safety advice and child proofing steps we include with your new blinds. That way you can have great blinds that control your light levels with the click of a button, with a good helping of peace of mind thrown in there too.


Are roman blinds safe in households with young children?

At 247Blinds we take safety seriously, which is why every blind we put our name to is safe for use around young children. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


How do i measure for roman blinds?

All you need is a pen and paper, plus a handy tape measure. To ensure you get everything spot on, take a look at our handy video guide.


How do i fit my new made to measure roman blinds?

It’s nice and easy to do in 5 minutes or less. Take a look at this simple video guide we’ve put together.


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