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Embrace the blend of simplicity and style with our roller blinds. Designed for the modern home, they offer an elegant solution for effortless light management. With a range of designs, find the perfect match to elevate your space today.

Dive deeper into our collection and let every window tell a story of elegance and functionality.

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Discover More About our Roller Blinds

Discover a great selection of roller blinds from 247 blinds. These versatile blinds work perfectly in any room in the house including living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms and are made to measure giving you perfect window dressing options to fit all window sizes. Our high-quality roller blinds are available in a wide variety of fabrics and colour options to perfectly match your decor and personal style. For a great night's sleep, opt for a blackout roller blind to keep out any unwanted light and to create a peaceful space to get some rest. To learn more about our roller blinds and how to measure and install them, have a look at our useful FAQs below:


How Do I Measure For Roller Blinds?

To measure for a roller blind you first need to decide whether you are going for an exact fitting or a recess fitting, once you have picked this all you will need is a metal tape measure and something to take notes!

  • For a recess fitting, you will need to be measuring wall-to-wall inside the window opening. You will take 3 measurements top to bottom for the drop and then 3 measurements right to left for the width, input the smallest measurement from each, and you will, we’ll do the rest to get you a perfectly fitted blind.
  • For an exact fitting, the steps are very similar. Measure where you want the blind to be exactly on the wall, for this we would recommend adding an additional 50mm from the edges of the recess on each side for a great finish. You will measure 3 times right to left, and then 3 times top to bottom, and take the smallest from each of these sets to get the sizes you need. We won't make any adjustments to these sizes, so make sure you have allowed enough space for a neat fit! 

If you still are a little unsure, we put together a helpful video guide you can check out here


How To Fix Roller Blinds That Won’t Turn?

This can be caused by one or two factors, but the most common cause of the blind not turning is the brackets have been installed too tight, or the blind has been ordered a touch too large. If you are able to move the brackets out slightly this could be an easy fix, or if that isn't possible give our friendly customer service team a call, and we can help you to fix the problem! 


How to Install Roller Blinds Inside The Recess?

All you need to install a new roller blind is a tape measure, drill, screws, wall plugs and a pencil for marking up. You need to check which mounting style is best for you, luckily our brackets are universal and give you the option to face, side or top mount them. You can then simply depress the plunger side of the roll and push into place in your brackets. Don't think we could get it simpler if we tried! 



Are Roller blinds cheaper than other blinds?

We prefer the term affordable, due to our roller blinds being anything but cheap when it comes to the quality. You can grab a great bargain on something simple or go for some wilder features or designs, all without breaking the bank. But here at 247 we can assure you, we do our best to make sure there is something for everyone's budget, while getting you the best blind possible for your home.


Which Roller blind fabric will suit my room?

The versatility of our roller blinds is unmatched, you can really set the tone for any space by simply changing out the fabric. If you are wanting a bright and open conservatory where privacy matters, but you don't want to lose any of the sporadic sunshine, we would recommend a bright-coloured light filtering fabric. Or maybe set the tone for a home cinema or bedroom with one of our blackout roller blinds for a great dim out in your space and an undisturbed night of sleep. If you are wanting to keep a space feeling open and unencumbered, you can opt for one of our vibrant and bright voiles for unmatched light levels in your room.


Which Way Round Do Roller Blinds Go?

The short answer is either! The great thing about a roller blind is you can choose which way you want the fabric to fall, you can get the fit you need with the fabric falling exactly how you want.

If you want to keep the room as dark as possible you can stick with the regular roll (backwards with the fabric by the glass) as this will give you less room down the sides for light to enter.

A Reverse roll (fabric forwards, hiding the roller) is great for a clean and minimalist look, while also giving you a little extra space in the recess for any intrusions such as handles. As standard, our blinds will come regularly rolled. However, if you do want the blinds reversed, give our helpful customer service team a call before you place your order, and they would be happy to help get that swapped over for you!


What Room Is Best For A Roller Blind?

One of our favourite things about roller blinds is you really couldn’t go wrong! If you are wanting something modern, sleek and contemporary for an office or den you can go for a patterned roller blind matching your design and taste vision. If you need something a little more specialist for a kitchen or a bathroom, you can go for one of our Flame Retardant or 100% Waterproof blinds.  The choice is yours, whatever the room I’m sure our friendly customer service team can find you the perfect fit.


Should my Roller Blind Be Bigger Than My Window?

With most blinds, once you have chosen your style, your next big decision is recess or exact, this may seem a little technical, but it is super simple! 

  • Recess means you are fitting the blind in the “indented” space your window sits in; If you are fitting the blind in the space above the windowsill, that is recess. We calculate the deductions needed to ensure you can operate and fit your blind. This is the most popular option as most homes in the UK tend to have a window recess and sill.
  • If you would like your blind to cover the opening of your window, so fitting onto the wall or ceiling around the recess, then an exact fitting will be what you need. We ensure no deductions are made for this option, and this blind can be mounted face fix directly to the wall above the window. We would recommend an additional 10cm overall on the width and 10cm on the drop.

What Material Are Roller Blinds Made Of?

That’s the catch, A roller blind can be made of a whole host of materials, from stunning crisp voiles to resilient blackout PVC with a host of marvellous features. You really have an endless possibility of choice, with plain and natural fabrics or wild and wacky patterns featuring vehicles, animals, bugs, botanicals and more. We have many different choices, and please don't hesitate to treat yourself to a free sample of any that pique your fancy. Please note that some PVC roller blinds may contain fibreglass, which can cause allergies in some people.


Why Choose A Roller Blind?

The unmatched simplicity of a roller blind really does give you room to expand and really explore how you want your room to look and feel, if you are wanting to keep your space colourful and bright you can go for one of our  Novelty or Children's Designs. If you are looking for a more refined and mature take, you could check out some of our Modern Classics, which we think are some of our newer styles with a timeless look to them. With simple installation and the option to easily swap it out if you change your design, you can really expand the scope of your interior design and make the view to the outdoors part of the interior charm. 


Can You Get See Through Roller Blinds?

A voile roller would be the perfect solution if you are wanting control over the light in your space and to keep your room from feeling like an exhibit to the outdoors! They are great for an open and airy room that needs an abundance of natural light, with a semi-see-through fabric that is opaque from a distance and becomes more transparent the closer you get. What we love is they function as a sleek and modern alternative to the dated net curtain, that could accidentally set your decor back to the Victorian period if not paired correctly. If you are wanting something a little more opaque but still lets the sunshine through, our light-filtering blinds may be perfect for you!


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