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We use cookies on the 247Blinds website to help personalise your journey on our site and make it as good an experience for you as we possibly can.


A cookie is a confidential text file with unique IDs that is small and harmless. It enables us to recognise you when you visit our site.


Through cookie collection we can improve the experience you have on the site by understanding your preferences from browser though to your advertising preferences.


We also need to use cookies on the site to help it function better, as a good example would be that they monitor what goes into your basket as you are shopping throughout the site, ensuring what you add stays there. These are also referred to as Essential Cookies.


We also use 3rd party cookies from other service providers, these provide us valuable insights into the behaviour of our customers so we can learn, improve and as a result make our experience better for future customers.  All this information we gain from cookies is aggregated and remains completely anonymous.


Advert Tracking – In order to judge the success of our marketing efforts we monitor if you purchase from us. With help from cookies we can use this data to track back and see which adverts and sites are the most successful. This information is then used to create better advertisements moving forward.


Analytics – Analytics is used to understand how our customers use and interact with the site, it helps us spot any bottlenecks or where customers maybe having issues on the site. We can also understand where we need to offer more detailed information on our products and if different customers in different areas behave differently. As with most cookie use the end goal is to learn and make the experience better and better over time for future and returning customers.


These are also known as Performance Cookies.


Opting Out Of Cookies.

Depending on the browser you are using then you can opt out of cookie collection by disabling them, each one is slightly different so you are best asking advice from your provider for further information on how to do this.

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