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How to Measure for Blinds Like a Pro

It's something we get asked how to do all the time, so you'll be happy to know our easy-to-follow guide has all the bases covered. Here's everything you need to know:

  • Reach for your metal tape measure - it's the best tool for the job there is!
  • You only need to know the width and the drop (length) - simple, right?
  • You'll want to choose between the 2 types of fitting...

Recess Fitting vs Exact Fitting

Your windows will most likely be recessed into the walls which means they don't sit flush with your wallpaper. This gives you the choice to mount them inside ('Recess' fitting) or outside ('Exact' fitting) the recess. If you're lucky enough to have windows that sit flush, the choice is made for you and you'll be measuring for exact fitting.

247 Pro Tip: If your recess depth is 60mm or less or the window opens inwards, you'll be best off with an exact fitting. For recesses bigger than 60mm it's really just a matter of personal taste.

Measuring For Recess Fitting

Step 1: Measure the width of the recess across the top, bottom, and middle. Write down the smallest of the 3.

Step 2: Measure the drop (length) of the recess across the left, right, and middle. Write down the smallest of the 3.

Step 3: Send us the 2 measurements you've written down and select the 'Recess' option.

247 Pro Tip: Check your recess for anything like tiles or picture rails that could get in the way and take them into account when measuring the effective width. We can then reduce the width slightly to ensure a nice, snug fit.

Measuring For Exact Fitting

Step 1: Measure the outside of your window recess from one side to the other. You should be starting and finishing where you want the edges of your blind to be.

Step 2: Measure your recess from top to bottom, starting where you want the rail to be and ending where you want the bottom of your blind to be

Step 3: Send us the measurements and select the 'Exact' size option.

247 Pro Tip:For the best results allow your blind to overlap the edges of the recess by at least 35mm on each side - ensuring that you have enough space to accommodate the suggested overlap. We'll then make and ship a blind for your exact measurements - Simple!

Additional Info - Roller blinds, Day Night blinds, Vista and Double Roller blinds:

  • The fabric width on these blinds will be 35-40mm narrower than the overall width of the blind. This is to allow for any control component on the side of the tube (or 'cassette'). We will always manufacture the full blind width and not fabric width. If you are fitting one of these blinds outside the recess, you may want to consider measuring wider to allow for some fabric overlap.

  • When measuring for roller blinds inside a recess, please take the width measurement across the top of the window to ensure the best fit - even if you have tiling around the bottom, as the narrower fabric will fall between the average piece of tiling.

  • If you are fitting a roller blind or double roller blind inside of a recess and wish to mount the brackets to the sides of the recess (opposed to the lintel or window frame), please make sure that you measure across the top of the recess and select 'exact' instead of 'recess' to allow this particular type of mounting (Note: day night blinds and vista blinds cannot be side mounted).

Bay Windows and Conservatories:

  • There are different designs of bay window, such as a square or angled bay, so bay windows may require a more specific fitting as you need to take the brackets and mounting in to account. To ensure accurate measuring for bay windows, please consult our Bay Window Guide located here.

  • You can find our guide for measuring for blinds to go in a conservatory here. Please note that not all blind types may be suited to conservatories but we do provide a range of blinds specifically designed for conservatories here.

  • For more help with measuring or getting a perfect fit, take a look at our simple step-by-step demonstration videos on the best way to approach each individual type of blind, in our Video section located here.

If you are still unsure about your measurements then don't worry and put your mind at ease - consider adding our MeaSureGuard protection to your order. For just an additional 10% charge we promise to replace or alter your blinds if you find that you have made a mistake with your measuring. Available on all made to measure blinds at the checkout.


How much we deduct for recess measurements:

We try to make the measuring and ordering process as simple as possible - so for a recess fitting, we only require the full size of your recess space and we will then make small adjustments to the blind to enable it to fit within that space. The following table is a guide to the amount that we will deduct if you select a 'recess' fitting.

Please note that if you wish to make your own allowances and do not require us to make them, please select exact fitting and not recess during the order process.

Blind TypeWidth (mm)Drop (mm)
Roller Blinds 5 0
Roman Blinds 5 0
Day Night Blinds 5 0
Double Roller Blinds 5 0
Vista Blinds 5 0
Wooden Blinds 10 0
Venetian Blinds 10 0
Vertical Blinds 10 10
Neat Fit Blinds 0 0
Plantation Shutters 0 0