How to Measure for Bay Windows

Bay Window Projection Guide


When you want to be able to enjoy your own helping of made to measure style, it’s super important to ensure you get the best fit possible. To give you the expert helping hand you need we’ve put together plenty of tips from the experts that will ensure you get your bay windows measured like a pro.


Get the Tools in Order

First things first, you’re going to want to dust off your toolkit. Don’t worry about anything too complicated though because all you’re going to need is a piece of paper, a sharp pencil, and a tape measure. You’re now ready to get started!


Angled Bay Windows

We’ll cover these first, and then we’ll turn our attention to the simpler case of square bay windows.


Step 1: Order Some Samples

Whilst you want to make sure everything fits perfectly, you also want to make sure you find the right colours and patterns. Ordering some samples is the best way to start, and you might want to hold them up near your bay windows before you start measuring. That way you can check that you’re happy with the look before you delve into those all-important numbers.


Step 2: Take Obstructions Into Account

This is the bit people miss most often, so we’re going to start with it. Bay windows will likely have window handles and air vents that complicate matters, and if you don’t allow for them then they’re going to foul your blinds as you raise and lower them. You want to know how far the obstruction sticks out, which means you need to note down the distance between the front of the window frame and the outer edge of the obstruction. It’s likely to be the same for every handle, but check each of them just to be sure.


Step 3: The Headrail Depth

Now that you know how far out your obstruction(s) sit, you’ll need to add this measurement to the suggested depth of the style of blind you’re looking for. Not sure how to find it? Get in touch with one of our experts, or watch our handy guide. That way you’ll know where to mount your blinds relative to your bay windows so they move up and down nice and smoothly. In the trade we call it the ‘headrail depth,’ but all you need to know is that it’s where you would hang those lovely new blinds.


Step 4: The Windowsills Help With the Width

Getting the widths right with angled bay windows is a bit of an art form because you don’t want the various different blinds to foul one another. The simplest way is to take a quick look at our projection guide, and then create a template from a piece of card you have to hand. You can then measure out from front face of the window, and mark off the headrail depth from Step 3. Do this either side of the angle, and check where this depth will overlap. This sets the limits for the width of the two blinds. Do this for every angle so you know how wide each blind needs to be. Easy when you know how!


Step 5: The Length is the Final Piece of the Decor Puzzle

You know where to mount your blinds, and you know how wide they need to be. Now all you need to do is measure the height of your windows. We suggest you do this in 3 different places for maximum accuracy, and use the smallest one when submitting your measurements. We call this the ‘drop,’ and it’s just a measure of how long your blinds will be.


A Word on Square and Box Bay Windows

We’ve spent the bulk of this guide focusing on angled bay windows, but you can apply the same techniques if you have a single large square bay window. It’ll be recessed into your wall slightly, and getting the ideal made to measure fit is straightforward. All you need to do is skip Step 4 above, and instead measure the total width of each frame within the bay (going right into the edges). Once you have your measurements, simply allow for the headrail depth outlined in Step 3. We can then ensure there’s plenty of room for the mechanism that operates the blind.


I am Ordering Wooden Venetians for my Bay Window

At 247 we do our utmost to ensure that the slats align from blind to blind, however, to guarantee this, please contact our customer care team on: 01484 443790.


Final Thoughts

Measuring up is all about taking your time, following the process, and then checking everything over. Don’t worry if it takes you a little while at first, there was a time when even the decor experts here at the 247 offices were measuring up for the first time!

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