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Day Night Blinds

Our Day Night, Double Roller and Vista blinds are designed to offer complete light control. No matter the time of Day or Night these blinds allow you to have the perfect balance between incoming light and privacy.


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    The ORIGIN COLLECTION day night blinds are a collection of fantastically stylish and versatile blinds that will look equally at home in any room. The blinds ensure privacy whilst also allowing you to take advantage of the sunlight, they do this by having sliding horizontal strips of sheer material through a double layer of fabric.

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  8. Origin, Rock - Day Night Blind
  9. Origin, Steel - Day Night Blind
  10. Origin, Pewter - Day Night Blind
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How do Day Night blinds work?

Day Night Blinds are a great way of controlling the level of privacy and sunlight coming into your home. This is done by two layers of fabric designed with horizontal sheer and dim out panels to provide a modern way of living and not compromising light for privacy! For more information check out our video.

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How much are Day Night blinds?

Day Night blinds are made from double the amount of fabric than your standard roller blind so will be slightly more expensive, although they are more than standard roller blinds our range offers the highest quality and colour range available online at the best prices you will find.

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What are Day Night blinds?

Day Night blinds are made up with a double layer of fabric. The horizontal panels of the blind are operated with a side chain providing easy interchangeable looks. If you want total privacy you can put the blind fully down and our made to measure service tailors the blind to have all the panels closed at this position.

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How do I fit Day Night blinds?

Fitting Day Night blinds is as simple as a standard roller blind, we provide the mounting brackets and safety device, all you need are screws and plugs suitable for the surface you are attaching the blind to. Take a look at out how to fit Day Night blinds for more information.

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Why choose Day Night blinds

Day Night blinds are popular for their array of functionalities and modern sleek look. Moveable sheer and opaque panels give you the flexibility over light and privacy, great for rooms facing roads or public areas. We believe you can’t get any better and offer a FREE 3-year guarantee on all our products.

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