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Vertical Blinds

  1. Origin Collection

    Featuring our most popular plain, light-filtering fabrics, our Origin Collection features the very best from the soft neutral shades. From bright whites, warming creams and complimentary off-whites, this collection features our favourite choices for your homes.

  2. Decor, Pure - Vertical Blind
  3. Henderson, Pure - Vertical Blind
  4. Decor, Cameo - Vertical Blind
  5. Henderson, Cameo - Vertical Blind
  6. Decor, Cream - Vertical Blind
  7. Henderson, Cream - Vertical Blind
  8. Skylon Collection

    A blend of light-filtering and light-blocking blackout fabrics; the Skylon Collection features a mix of soft, minimalist neutrals, to earthy taupe browns and refreshing blue shades. This collection offers a wide range of high-quality, contemporary fabrics for the modern home.

  9. Batiste, Snow - Vertical Blind
  10. Crossweave, Ice - Vertical Blind
  11. Etching, Pure - Vertical Blind
  12. Lantana, Frost - Vertical Blind
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Discover more about our Vertical Blinds


If you’ve never had vertical blinds before, then you can look forward to a number of practical and aesthetic advantages.

You have greater control over the amount of light in the room by adjusting your vertical blinds. Open them fully to let in the warm natural light, or reduce the glare on your TV screen by setting them half-closed — it’s up to you. Plus, when they’re fully closed, they’re one of the most effective ways of blocking out the light completely.

Considering their ease of use, wide range of colours and fabric choices, and superb practicality, the benefits of made to measure vertical blinds become clearer still.

There are also options that make your vertical blinds especially suited to particular rooms in the home. For example, our blackout fabrics block the light from coming through, making these a smart option for bedroom, living rooms or offices. If saving money on your bills is at the forefront of your mind, the energy-saving and insulating SPC & ASC ranges help prevent heat loss from even the largest windows or patio doors.

Vertical blinds offer real value for money, and when compared with curtains used in a larger window, you’ll find a drastic difference in the price of perking up your décor. Vertical window blinds provide easy ventilation for any room in the house and a greater degree of control over the light you let in.

The clean and clear lines of the louvred slats also lends a more modern style to any space. Selecting vertical blinds for your home couldn’t be simpler: just pick your desired make and finish from our huge range and let us know the measurements of your window.


How do I measure for Vertical blinds?

Measuring for your new vertical blind is super easy,  whether you are measuring for a recessed window or for fixing outside/to a wall.  When measuring for a recess you need to remember to measure in three places for the width and the drop;  this is because most recess windows will have slight variations and are never a perfect square — especially in those older houses!  To allow for fitting we take a tiny amount of your recessed sizes.  As Vertical blinds can be used as a room divider, you may want to top fix to the ceiling or outside the recess.  This is the finished size of the blind you want, with no deductions, called the exact size.  For either option when measuring your windows to install vertical blinds, you will need :- Tape measure, Pencil, Paper.  It's important to get this bit right, so check out our helpful guide here for more information — We even have a video to help you!

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What is the cost of Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds, due to their wide widths and drops can vary in price.  This all depends on the fabric you choose and of course the sizes you input.  Our cheapest Vertical blind starts at just £12.58* and will scale to suite the size and fabric choice.  As Vertical blinds offer fantastic light and privacy control, and can be fitted to large spans of glass, these are a cost-effective blind for fitting in office and industrial environments.  Simply choose from our range of FREE samples, enter your sizes and sit back and relax!

*Price correct as of Oct 2021

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What is the life expectancy of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are usually made to a guarantee of three or more years.  Though this is the minimum guarantee on our website, providing the blind is used a lot to avoid dust build-up, and kept free of dirt, our Vertical blinds can last 10-20  years.  This all depends on the fabric, the usage and your own care of the product.

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How long does it take to fit a Vertical blind?

Measuring up and fitting your new Vertical blind does not take a DIY veteran or complicated tools.  All you need are a drill or screwdriver, pencils to mark the bracket placements and the correct screws and wall plugs for the surface you're fitting to.  Vertical blinds require you to first fit the headrail, then hang the slats and, if relevant to your order, place the weights and chains on the bottom.  Fitting your first Vertical blind can take a bit of time to get used to, so generally can take around 30-40 minutes the first time.  However, once you've got the hang of it, you'll easily fit each blind in under ten minutes — Perfect for those quick DIY projects!

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Are Vertical blinds cheaper than other blinds?

Well it depends on what you're comparing to.  You may find that buying a roller blind for a smaller-sized window is cheaper than buying in the same fabric as a Vertical Blind.  You tend to find that Vertical and Roller blinds offer the cheapest option, just behind metal Venetians.  However, compare this to a wooden blind or a shutter and Vertical blinds are much more cost-effective in price!

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Which Vertical Blinds should I choose for my room?

Vertical blinds are available in a wide array of fabrics and colours.  Usually you'd want to match the fabric performance-type to your room that you'll be fitting the blind in.  For example if you have blinds with screens, or just want to get a fantastic nights' sleep — Go for blackout fabrics, as these block the light from coming through the fabric.  If you have a hot room such as a conservatory or sun-facing room, then we'd highly recommend our ASC/SPC fabrics.  These insulating fabrics have been specially coated with a silver reflective coating, and are usually just a bit thicker than other fabrics, so are fantastic as saving the pounds on those energy bills.  Decorating a bathroom?  Go for waterproof PVC fabrics, as these retain no moisture in their fabrics, and they're also flame-retardant so are fantastic for kitchens as well!

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How can I clean Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are fairly low-maintenance, and most can be wiped clean, with a damp cloth and with no cleaning solution.  This is because most bleach-based clearers may damage the slats, especially any standard polyester fabrics.  We advise that the best fabrics for high-traffic, or areas that need to be cleaned more than others, are PVC vertical blinds, as they're both waterproof and flame-retardant and are a fantastic option for offices, bathrooms, kitchens and to-let properties.  Regular turning of the slats, and opening and closing of the blind will help avoid heavy dust build-up. 

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