Introducing The Ultimate Guide to All Things Vertical Blinds


Posted 04/09/2019


Vertical blinds are a classic style no home should be without, but how do you find the right one for your home? Those brilliant InstaHomes seem to have figured out secrets that are just out of your reach, but really all they did was come to us! Here’s everything you need to know to dress your windows like a pro.


The right room for the perfect blind

Vertical blinds will work anywhere in the home, but there are a couple of rooms you’ll want to give some extra special thought to. These are the spaces that can be instantly transformed by the perfect vertical blind:


-    The Bedroom: When you want complete control over the ambient light, night and day, look no further than a set of made to measure vertical blinds. With a quick pull you can tailor the light exactly how you want it.


-    The Kitchen: If you’re putting the finishing touches to your latest culinary creation, the last thing you want is the glare of the sun in your eyes. Or worse, a kitchen that needs a facelift! Vertical blinds solve two problems in one, so what more could you want?


3 vertical blinds your home can't stand to be without


  • Henderson Pure: A chilled out and relaxing shade that sits gently in the background.


  • Milano Waterfall: A natural, soothing blue that instantly puts you at ease when it’s time to shut your eyes.


  • Roma Monza: If it’s an energetic shade you’re looking for, put your feet up because your search is over folks!



How much will my new vertical blinds cost?

Made to measure is the name of the game when you choose 247 Blinds, and you can find instant pricing for any size or fabric on every product page. Here’s how much our top 3 would set you back:


  • Henderson Pure: Treat yourself for only £10.11
  • Milano Waterfall: Make your home smile from just £12.95
  • Roma Monza: A burst of colour that will make its debut for only £11.66


The secret to making fitting vertical blinds look easy

Our resident DIY experts will show you how to fix vertical blinds, how to adjust vertical blinds, and how to generally just make everything look stunning. We could list all the tools you need, talk you through all the steps involved, or we could let our experts do it with ease…


Here’s how you can measure like a pro.


And here’s how you can show off with a little extra vertical blind knowledge.


You asked, we answered


How to fix a vertical blinds cord?

All of our blinds come with a child safety fixture as standard, and are designed and manufactured to the very latest safety standards. We’ve made the instructions super simple, and if there’s ever anything we can help with, just get in touch.


How do I clean vertical blinds?

Cleaning is simple, and only requires a handheld vacuum cleaner, preferably with a nozzle attachment. Run the vacuum up and down the fabric whilst gently holding it under tension. That’s all there is to it.


Do vertical blinds overlap when closed?

They absolutely do! Our vertical blinds are designed to block out all those stray rays of light between the strips of fabric, and we overlap them just the right amount. That way you get a look you love, and a room with the perfect light level.

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