Welcome to the World of Venetian Blinds


Posted 05/09/2019

If you want to add some elegance and poise to any room in the house, our range of Venetian blinds are all you need to make it happen. You’ll find every style, colour, and finish under the sun, but this is the only place to find the little hints and tips from the pros you’ve been searching for. Have a read, get your thinking cap on, and then get ready to embrace your next interior design project like never before.


How to find the ideal room for your Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds can go up, down, and tilt; that makes them ideal for rooms in which the light level is going to change dramatically throughout the day. Here’s a couple of suggestions:


-    The Living Room: Sometimes you want the sun flooding in, sometimes you want a bit of twilight, and other times it’s movie night. Venetian blinds allow you to do it all with nothing more than the flick of the wrist.


-    The Kitchen: Having a coffee as the sun comes up is what the breakfast bar is all about. Venetians ensure you’re not dazzled when the sun is low in the sky. They’ll also work wonders during your Friday night takeaway session and when you have the whole family over for Sunday lunch.


3 Venetian blinds we know you’ll fall in love with


  • Origin Mocha: Want a relaxing and calming shade? Look no further folks!


  • Spectrum Cotton: A gentle neutral that sits in the background adding poise and sophistication to your interiors.


  • Spectrum Christine: A brilliant burst of orange that brings any room to life, come rain or shine.



How much are Venetian blinds going to cost me?

Good question! Everything we put our name to is made to measure, and all you have to do to cost up your next project is punch in the measurements on the pricing calculator you’ll find on every product page. Here’s a few we did earlier:


  • Origin Mocha: Give your home a present for as little as £10.28
  • Spectrum Cotton: An inspired choice that starts at only £10.64
  • Spectrum Christine: A burst of colour that can be yours from £10.64


How to fit Venetian blinds like a pro

There’s so many long, lengthy articles out there that talk your through how to how to install Venetian blinds, but they’re just not up to scratch in our opinion. That’s why we asked Kev — our resident DIY expert — to show you how.


Here’s Kev in action: Fit Venetian blinds.


And here he is letting you in on a few pro tips.


Now you’ll never be left scratching your head over how to install Venetian blinds brackets in that shallow window recess you’re struggling with.


Venetian blinds FAQs made easy


How to wash Venetian blinds?

When you want to know how to clean venetian blinds, vinegar is just what you need. Spray it directly onto your blinds, leave for 30 seconds, and then simply wipe away. It’s a great way to keep them looking brand new without using any synthetic cleaning products.


Do they cost more than other types of blinds?

Because everything is made to measure, it will depend on the size and style of blind you’re comparing. The larger the blind, the more they cost, and wooden finishes can cost a little more. They’re certainly worth it if you want to make your home smile though!


Do Venetian blinds offer a good night’s sleep?

Our customers tell us they love them! If you want the ultimate in flexibility, Venetian blinds are the only way to adjust the intensity and direction of the light coming through into the bedroom. Just what you need to start the day the right way.

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