Looking to sell your house? Here’s what could be putting buyers off


Posted 01/11/2019

Putting your house up for sale is an exciting yet daunting time. Once you’ve found your next home, you’ll no doubt want a quick and easy sale so you can start to prepare for the big move. With new ways of selling, the longer your house is on the market, the more it is also likely to cost you. 



Although you may have followed a thorough checklist, spruced up your space and invested in a few new furnishings in preparation for your house viewings, there are a few surprising things that could be off-putting to buyers when they visit your house.


We spoke to various experts to find out more about some of the biggest and most unusual turn-offs for buyers.


Cut out the clutter


When visiting your house, people need to be able to visualise themselves living there and unwanted clutter can be a real turn off, as well as making the space appear smaller.


Kiran Sigh at My Unique Home advises: “Household essentials such as shampoo bottles, coats and shoes should be put away. Buyers are likely to sneak a peek into the cupboards  so if they’re cluttered and overflowing it could seem like the house is lacking storage.”



Put away personal photos


Although homely and welcoming to you, Kiran explains that personal photos can be off-putting to potential buyers. She says: “Family photos are very personal to you and this can make it hard for buyers to see the house as their own. It may be difficult, but de-personalising your space is an important part of home-staging.” 


Steer clear of magnolia paint


If some of the walls in your main rooms are looking a bit worse-for-wear, update them with a lick of paint. 


Interior designer, Rukmini Patel, advises: “Opt for a neutral and calming soft colour if you’re giving the walls a quick refresh, but always avoid magnolia as modern LED lighting can make the colour appear dull with a yellowish tint. Pastel or off-white shares are much more uplifting.” 


Disguise busy main roads


Even the most impressive of houses can be let down by a busy main road, but there are ways of cutting down the noise and blocking out the traffic. 


Jason Peterkin, director at 247 Blinds advises: “You can minimise the noise and commotion from a road by choosing blinds with thick fabrics that help to soundproof your home. Products such as blackout blinds and plantation shutters are great options and will add style to your room too. 


“If noise pollution is a particular problem outside your front room, it could be a good idea to leave your blinds closed while the viewing takes place.”



Find a sitter for your pets


Your pet may be a special part of the family but not everyone will love him or her as much as you do! 


Estate agent Robert Smith at Richardson and Smith suggests removing any evidence of pets including toys, cat litter and pets themselves where possible, while the viewing takes place. Some people may not want to buy a house that has previously contained pets or may even have a fear of dogs or cats.



Go easy on the air fresheners


Although you may think that you’re creating a peaceful, cosy atmosphere by lighting candles or spraying air freshener right before visitors arrive, Robert Smith suggests that buyers could be sceptical. He says: “You may mean well but candles and air fresheners could make the viewer think that you’re trying to cover up lingering bad odours in the house.” 


Try something a little more subtle like a reed diffuser or even making a fresh cup of coffee.

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