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Clip Fit Blinds offer an intuitive way to fit blinds to your windows and doors.  Designed for use with aluminium and uPVC frames, these blinds handily use the window rubber seal, used to slide the four corner brackets in each corner.  These blinds also feature a handy adjustable middle handle, making these perfect for Bi-Fold doors, and have useful side channels which are designed to keep the blind secure, and help reduce the light bleed around the edges.

Clip Fit Pleated blinds are designed to create a thermal barrier, great in the cooler months, as well as designed to promote airflow, making these great coolers in the hot summer months as well.  Some fabrics also feature an extra silver coloured, ASC backing - Which helps reflect UV rays and heat away from the room.

Whereas Clip Fit Venetian blinds, by their design, create a natural way to reflect heat from the curved nature of the slats, and these blinds provide fantastic light and privacy control. Simply twist the slats open or shut to suit, or open fully for an unobscured view!

Both Clip Fit Blind types are fantastic for conservatories, or even if you just want to save money on energy bills! Both blinds feature clear guide cords that the blind sits on, so you can be sure your new blinds will stay perfectly in place.  Still unsure?  Checkout our amazing guide on Clip Fit Blinds here, or talk to our amazing customer services team on:

Made to measure and made to last, let our blinds help make your home a safe, relaxing sanctuary.  See our measuring guide for how to fit, or if you need a little help fitting, see our fitting guide here!

What are Clip Fit Blinds?

Clip Fit blinds are a drill-free, screw-free way of fitting blinds to a uPVC or aluminium window or door.  Available in Pleated and Venetian types, Clip Fit blinds use small brackets that slide under the window beading/seal.  Featuring additional side channels, which provide stability and an extra way to block light, they’re easy to measure and fit, and they can be up and in your window or door in a matter of minutes.

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What windows can I put Clip Fit Blinds In?

Clip Fit blinds are designed for use on uPVC and aluminium windows, providing you have compressible window beading/gasket seal, and enough room (17mm) to slide the brackets underneath.  Suitable for doors, including Bi-Fold Doors (though remember to check your pane depths with our guides), these blinds offer a new drill-free, screw free method of fitting.  Secure side channels are also included, which are stuck onto the side of the glass pane using adhesive strips.  You can guy both pleated and Venetian Clip Fit Blinds

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What is the difference between a Clip Fit and a Perfect Fit Blind?

Clip Fit and Perfect Fit Blinds are a very similar type of blind, in that they are both designed to work with UPVC windows and doors. They both mount directly onto the window pane by using the window beading.  Both blind types don’t need any drilling or screwing to fit, other than perhaps to tighten the Perfect Fit frame up to suit. The main difference is that Perfect Fit blinds come with a full frame that encompasses the full blind, whereas for Clip Fit it’s a little different.  Clip Fit blinds have four corner brackets to clip the blind onto, and have additional separate side channels that are stuck using adhesive backing. Both the Perfect Fit frame and the Clip Fit side channels are designed to create a secure fit that also doubles as a natural light blocker!

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What do I need to fit Clip Fit Blinds?

Clip Fit blinds are one of the easiest blinds to fit as they don’t require any drilling or screwing. In terms of tools required, you don’t need anything, the head rail clips onto small brackets that you slide between the black rubber and the glass in your UPVC windows and that is the installation complete. You can have them up and in your windows in less than 5 minutes.

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What Styles Can I Get A Clip Fit Blind In?

You can get a Clip Fit in a Venetian or pleated style blind. Both of which have a choice of different colours, and styles ensuring you will find the ideal Clip Fit blind for you.  Both blinds have been made especially for uPVC windows and are natural energy-savers.

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