Perfect Fit Blinds

Welcome 247 Blinds’ Perfect Fit collection into your home for blinds that fit like a glove. With these blinds, you can say goodbye to blinds that never quite measure up. Precisely measured, these types of blinds will elevate not only your uPVC windows but your doors too, to tie together your home’s look.

Designed for flawless fitting without drills or screws, Perfect Fit blinds redefine convenience and style. Ideal for conservatories, living rooms, and more, these blinds offer the perfect blend of light control, privacy, and aesthetic appeal.

We merge functionality with contemporary design, all whilst ensuring child safety and effortless installation is at the forefront. It's not just decor; it’s dressing your windows to impress.

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  1. Perfect Fit Venetian

    Drill free installation, flexible light control all available in a huge range of colours and textures. The Venetian Collection features top-quality aluminium Venetian blinds surrounded by a Perfect Fit frame for a sleek, modern look. What are you waiting for, take a look!

  2. Venetian, Basic White - Perfect Fit Blind
  3. Venetian, Linen White - Perfect Fit Blind
  4. Venetian, Satin White - Perfect Fit Blind
  5. Venetian, Textured Seashell - Perfect Fit Blind
  6. Venetian, Barley Wheat - Perfect Fit Blind
  7. Venetian, Peach White - Perfect Fit Blind
  8. Venetian, Beige - Perfect Fit Blind
  9. Venetian, Bronzed - Perfect Fit Blind
  10. Venetian, Blood Orange - Perfect Fit Blind
  11. Venetian, Salsa - Perfect Fit Blind
  12. Venetian, Thunderbird - Perfect Fit Blind
  13. Venetian, Lime Green - Perfect Fit Blind
  14. Venetian, Teal - Perfect Fit Blind
  15. Venetian, Ocean Blue - Perfect Fit Blind
  16. Venetian, Pickled Bluewood - Perfect Fit Blind
  17. Venetian, Baby Blue - Perfect Fit Blind
  18. Venetian, Silver Crackle - Perfect Fit Blind
  19. Venetian, Pale Grey - Perfect Fit Blind
  20. Venetian, Rhino - Perfect Fit Blind
  21. Venetian, Pebble - Perfect Fit Blind
  22. Venetian, Brushed Grey - Perfect Fit Blind
  23. Venetian, Platinum - Perfect Fit Blind
  24. Venetian, Subtle Truffle - Perfect Fit Blind
  25. Venetian, Mid Grey - Perfect Fit Blind
  26. Venetian, Textured Pewter - Perfect Fit Blind
  27. Venetian, River Bed Crackle - Perfect Fit Blind
  28. Venetian, Metropolis - Perfect Fit Blind
  29. Venetian, Urban Obsession - Perfect Fit Blind
  30. Venetian, Shimmer Black - Perfect Fit Blind
  31. Venetian, Off-Black - Perfect Fit Blind
  32. Venetian, Black - Perfect Fit Blind
  33. Venetian, Jet Black - Perfect Fit Blind
  34. Venetian, Black Velvet - Perfect Fit Blind
  35. Venetian, Jacobean - Perfect Fit Blind
  36. Venetian, Grey Pine - Perfect Fit Blind
  37. Venetian, Linear Twilight - Perfect Fit Blind
  38. Venetian, Light Oak - Perfect Fit Blind
  39. Venetian, Natural Oak - Perfect Fit Blind
  40. Perfect Fit Honeycomb

    Designed to fit your uPVC windows and doors perfectly, The Honeycomb range offers up an impressive host of practical benefits alongside a super sleek drill-free installation frame! A cleverly designed honeycomb structure traps air to work as a thermal insulator, while the soft pleats at the front of the fabric look effortlessly smart and structured.

  41. Honeycomb, Smoke Grey - Perfect Fit Blind
  42. Stellar, Gris - Perfect Fit Blind
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Perfect Fit Blinds: Where Design Meets Precision

247 Blinds presents Perfect Fit blinds –a revolutionary design tailored for uPVC windows and doors.


Easy installation

Complex installations are a thing of the past with Perfect Fit blinds. Our collection has been designed to effortlessly clip onto your window frames, saving you time, money, and the headache of drilling holes. No mess, no fuss – just a perfect fit.


Flawless integration

These types of blinds flawlessly become a part of your window, to create a clean-cut and sophisticated look. You can be confident that there will be no unsightly gaps, no cords that stick out – just a stunning, integrated design that complements any décor.


Customisation options

Crafted for modern homes, Perfect Fit blinds come in a range of styles, for example like:

Safety first

Each blind has been designed with child safety in mind, adhering to the UK's stringent regulations. So, you can rest assured that your Perfect Fit blinds will provide the harmony of style, safety, and simplicity, all in one..


Enhanced privacy and light control

Tired of annoying gaps that let in unwanted light and prying eyes? Perfect Fit blinds snugly fit within your window frame, offering enhanced privacy and light control.



Whether you're giving your lounge, bedroom, or conservatory a facelift, our Perfect Fit blinds are versatile enough to adapt to any space. Plus, they're an ideal choice for rental properties, as they won't damage your window frames.

Ready to take the first step towards a flawless fit? Contact the 247 Blinds team today to discuss your unique requirements, get expert advice, and take the first step toward window perfection. 


The Ultimate Guide to All Things Perfect Fit Blinds

We've carefully curated a collection of insights, tips, and design inspirations to help you make the most of your Perfect Fit Blinds and transform your interiors.


Perfect Fit Blinds: Installation Made Simple

Installing your Perfect Fit blinds has never been easier. Dive into our step-by-step perfect fit blinds fitting guide, which will walk you through the entire process, ensuring a flawless fit every time.


Mastering Measurements for the Perfect Fit

The secret to a seamless blind installation is accurate measurements. Our comprehensive blinds measuring guide demystifies the process, ensuring your Perfect Fit blinds complement your windows impeccably.


Seeking Inspiration? Welcome to Our Hub

Whether you're looking for the latest trends or timeless classics, our Inspiration Hub offers a range of ideas. Transform your space with insights tailored for every style enthusiast.


Prompt and Reliable: Our Delivery Commitment

At 247 Blinds, we understand the excitement of home transformations. Dive into our delivery timelines and venture on your décor journey with confidence, knowing we prioritise punctuality without compromising on quality.


FAQs for Perfect Fit Blinds

How do Perfect Fit blinds differ from traditional blinds?

Perfect Fit blinds are tailor-made for uPVC windows and doors, requiring no drilling or screws. They offer a seamless fit, attaching directly to window panes, making them especially ideal for conservatories.


Can Perfect Fit blinds fit all uPVC windows?

While designed for uPVC windows, not all are suitable. Abead depth of 17-32mm is required for bracket fitting, and an external clearance of 26mm for the framework. 

Check our measuring guide for compatibility.


Are Perfect Fit blinds suitable for uPVC doors?

Generally, yes. They attach directly to door window panes. A 26mm clearance is needed for the frame, and make sure to consider the blind's protrusion. 

For specialist doors, contact our customer service team.


How easy is the installation of Perfect Fit blinds?

They're hassle-free and quick to install, often taking half the time compared to traditional blinds. With small brackets that slide into place, these blinds offer a seamless look.


Do Perfect Fit blinds come in various colours?

Absolutely! From neutral shades to vibrant hues, we offer a diverse range, especially in our Honeycomb Perfect Fit collection, meaning a match for every interior aesthetic.


How should I clean windows with Perfect Fit blinds?

They're easy to remove for cleaning. For day-to-day cleaning, open the blinds. For deeper cleaning, detach the blinds, clean windows, and wipe the blind's frame with a cloth. 


Are Perfect Fit blinds child-safe?

Yes, they have enhanced child-safety features due to their tensioned system with reduced loops and cords. All our blinds comply with the UK's ’BS EN 13120 & A12014' child safety regulations.

All Perfect Fit blinds offer a light-weight blind option for your home, including our Perfect Fit Shutter blinds; This lighter weight means a safer blind for your home!

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