Conservatory Blinds

We have multiple blind styles such as Venetians, pleated and honeycomb in two types of blind — Clip Fit and Perfect Fit. Clip Fit blinds attach to your window and hang neatly from a headrail and bottom rail, and come with additional side support channels. Perfect Fit are almost identical, however they have a perfectly fitting finishing frame that goes all round the blind.

  1. Clip Fit Ecoshade

    In a fantastic range of colours and shades, this collection of stunning, saturated pleated fabrics are a great way of introducing a clean look to the home. From cool-toned greys, warming creams to the more eye-catching deep blues, lush greens and terracotta shades, this range of ASC-treated fabrics bring a cohesive look to your uPVC door or window. Designed to promote air-flow, these energy-saving fabrics are treated with a special pearlised backing, to help reduce harmful UV rays and heat from coming into the room. Find your perfect fit, with our white and anthracite frame shades, and let this luxurious range do the hard work for you!

  2. Ecoshade, Pure - Clip Fit Blind
  3. Ecoshade, Maple - Clip Fit Blind
  4. Ecoshade, Natura - Clip Fit Blind
  5. Ecoshade, Walnut - Clip Fit Blind
  6. Ecoshade, Dubrovnik - Clip Fit Blind
  7. Ecoshade, Azalea - Clip Fit Blind
  8. Ecoshade, Citron - Clip Fit Blind
  9. Ecoshade, Mint - Clip Fit Blind
  10. Ecoshade, Turquoise - Clip Fit Blind
  11. Ecoshade, Cool Grey - Clip Fit Blind
  12. Ecoshade, Warm Grey - Clip Fit Blind
  13. Ecoshade, Black - Clip Fit Blind
  14. Clip Fit Venetian

    Designed to reflect heat, through the natural curved slat style; this collection of monochrome shades have been hand-picked to form an exclusive mini-collection. Get fantastic light and privacy control by a simple twist of the wand, or open fully for an unobscured view of your garden. Great for conservatory windows due to their no-drill feature, create a simple, yet classic look with this range.

  15. Venetian, Pure - Clip Fit Blind
  16. Venetian, Linen - Clip Fit Blind
  17. Venetian, Silver - Clip Fit Blind
  18. Venetian, Raven - Clip Fit Blind
  19. Perfect Fit Venetian

    Drill free installation, flexible light control all available in a huge range of colours and textures. The Venetian Collection features top-quality aluminium Venetian blinds surrounded by a Perfect Fit frame for a sleek, modern look. What are you waiting for, take a look!

  20. Venetian, Basic White - Perfect Fit Blind
  21. Venetian, Linen White - Perfect Fit Blind
  22. Venetian, Satin White - Perfect Fit Blind
  23. Venetian, Textured Seashell - Perfect Fit Blind
  24. Venetian, Barley Wheat - Perfect Fit Blind
  25. Venetian, Peach White - Perfect Fit Blind
  26. Venetian, Beige - Perfect Fit Blind
  27. Venetian, Bronzed - Perfect Fit Blind
  28. Venetian, Blood Orange - Perfect Fit Blind
  29. Venetian, Salsa - Perfect Fit Blind
  30. Venetian, Thunderbird - Perfect Fit Blind
  31. Venetian, Lime Green - Perfect Fit Blind
  32. Venetian, Teal - Perfect Fit Blind
  33. Venetian, Ocean Blue - Perfect Fit Blind
  34. Venetian, Pickled Bluewood - Perfect Fit Blind
  35. Venetian, Baby Blue - Perfect Fit Blind
  36. Venetian, Silver Crackle - Perfect Fit Blind
  37. Venetian, Pale Grey - Perfect Fit Blind
  38. Venetian, Rhino - Perfect Fit Blind
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Make the most of your Conservatory this season


You’ll want your conservatory to look perfect and be a pleasant place to sit and relax, so we’ve taken extra special care to ensure that all of our blinds are as attractive as they are practical. You can choose from a huge range of colours, designed to draw the eye to the windows and in many cases, to complement the natural colours of the outdoors.  Why not opt for a soft neutral, as a soft grey or a warming cream shade can easily revamp a tired look, and for the fraction of high-street prices — a winner!


We have a number of conservatory blind designs to choose from, any of which make for an attractive addition to your room whilst making the best of your lovely garden views.  These blinds are easy to use whenever a change in the light or temperature calls for it, and the special drill-free, screw-free “clip and fit”  facility also means that they’re quick and easy to install.  Make the most of your conservatory with Perfect Fit and Clip Fit blinds.


Great energy savers; many of our made to measure, conservatory pleated blinds feature a special honeycomb structure inside them, which helps to either retain and reflect heat, depending on the time of year. If you’re lucky enough to have a conservatory, you can help to ensure that you get the benefit of comfortably using this extra space all year round.


Wish to keep things simple, whilst retaining great light and privacy protection — then opt for our range of conservatory Venetian blinds.  Available in an array of cool shades up to bright pops of colour, these blinds made with the full-frame Perfect Fit option or the simple and easy Clip Fit types.  Simply twist the wand to open and shuts the slats, or open fully to enjoy your lovely views.


All of these great options means it's easy to keep the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter months, which is where our extensive range of conservatory blinds can be indispensable.


What Are Conservatory Blinds?

Conservatory windows and doors often frame the best bits of our gardens, and of course need special blinds.  These blinds are made for use with uPVC, and Aluminium windows and doors. They attach to the window or door on via small brackets, which simply slide between the rubber seal on the window and the glass. They require no drilling or screwing, and they can be up and in your window or door in a matter of minutes.  

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What is the difference between a Clip Fit And A Perfect Fit Blind?

Clip Fit and Perfect Fit Blinds are a very similar type of blind, in that they are both designed to work with uPVC windows and doors. They both clip directly onto the window glass with the brackets supplied, and don’t need any drilling or screwing to fit. The main difference is that Perfect Fit come with a full frame that encompasses the full blind, and the Clip Fits do not.

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What do I need to fit Conservatory Blinds?

Our conservatory blinds are one of the easiest blinds to fit as they don’t require any drilling or screwing. In terms of tools required you don’t need anything, you just need a compressilble seal/rubber gasket to fit to your uPVC windows and that is the installation complete. You can have them up and in your windows in less than 5 minutes. However, if you do not have uPVC windows, or a compressible seal to use, you’ll need to consider fitting standard blinds instead.  These have brackets that fit directly to the wall, or inside the recess.

See the full list of Conservatory Blind products

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