A guide to choosing vertical blinds


Posted 29/08/2017

Whether you’re looking for privacy without compromising natural light or have a tricky window you need to dress, there’s plenty of reasons vertical blinds are the right choice for you. But what if you’re not sure where to start? Before you make any commitments, why not read this handy guide and discover how vertical blinds can help transform your home.

Offering a traditional look that will never go out of style, a blind like this Henderson, pure vertical blind is sure to bring a fresh, clean cut look to any interior. But there are few key things to consider before you buy.


Achieving light and privacy



If privacy is important to you, light can easily take a backseat – but with vertical blinds, it doesn’t have to. The easily adjustable vanes are perfect for controlling your privacy as well as the light that flows through the room. Tilted in the right way, they allow you to keep out any nosey neighbours while still lightening up your space and interior.


Dress an unusual window



If you have a window you love but struggle to dress due to its shape, position or angle, vertical blinds are the perfect way to keep your home cosy and stylish without compromising on fitting. Their individual vanes are easy to customise and accommodate to each window’s requirements. Plus, with 247 blinds made to measure service, you’ll know they’ll be the perfect fit every time! 


A dream to clean



Vertical blinds don’t just bring a tailor-made traditional look to your home, but they’re also low maintenance and effortless to clean. Their vertical structure stops them from gathering dust and dirt, meaning you won’t dread cleaning them when the time comes.

Simply run a clean damp cloth over each vane for a quick sprucing up, and take a little more time cleaning the railing mechanism above. If you’re looking for a deeper clean, use a mild non-bio detergent and swirl slowly in a bucket or bathtub of warm – not hot – water, before leaving them to dry naturally on a flat service.


Are they right for your home?



Vertical blinds are versatile enough to tailor to your look and home, but you may be worried about which rooms to avoid. To prevent the fabric from being ruined with food splashes, it’s probably best to go a different way when dressing the windows in your kitchen. And for rooms like your bathroom that quickly gather moisture, vertical blinds may quickly become ruined and prevent ventilation so a faux venetian blind would be better suited.


Get the perfect fit



Now you’ve decided vertical blinds are the perfect choice for your home, you need to know whether fitting them is going to be a challenge. The answer is simple, no. With 247 Blinds’ easy to fit promise, it’s merely a matter of mounting the rail and clipping your custom made blind into place – simple!

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