5 Vintage Home Accessories We Love


Posted 31/08/2017

If you love the vintage look, you’ll know the importance of filling your home with gorgeously vintage finds. After all, it’s not just about the wall colour and furniture; the smaller things make a difference too. We love how many lovely vintage finds are out there, and how simple it can be to use items, old and new, to create the vintage look so many of us are after. Here are a few must-have vintage home accessories:


1. Typewriter

It doesn’t really get much more vintage than a typewriter. After all, we rarely use them for typing anymore, but they still look fantastic! You can pick them up reasonably cheaply at car boot sales, auctions, and antiques emporiums.


2. Sewing Machine

Old sewing machines have so much more character than modern ones, don’t they? We love their antique look and they’ll look fantastic on the dresser of an old Victorian terrace or a country farmhouse.


3. China Tea Set

China is so pretty and it’s such a shame that dainty teacups have been mostly replaced with chunky modern mugs (though they do hold a bigger cup of coffee!). Whether you choose to use it or keep it ornamental, a china tea set is an essential for any vintage home.


4. Dried Flowers

We’re not quite sure what it is about dried flowers that screams vintage – perhaps it’s the muted colours – but they complete a vintage home. 


4. Old Bicycle

Not everyone has room for this one, but if you do, an old bicycle can do wonders for a vintage look. Whether you keep it outside surrounded by flower pots or indoors as a fun feature, it will look simply stunning.



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