How to Create a Calming & Cosy Living Room


Posted 24/08/2017


When we’re designing our living rooms, few of us want something stark and cold. In fact, as the living room is generally seen as a room for relaxation and warmth, most of us want it to feel as cosy as possible. But, of course, a living room doesn’t become warm and cosy by chance; it must be designed that way. Here’s how:


  • Add a fire. It doesn’t have to be a rustic fire surrounded by freshly chopped logs. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a real fire. Any kind of fire will add a cosy glow to a living room, as well as actual warmth when it’s needed. Plus, it provides a great focal point to the room – and without it, that could quite easily become the TV!


  • Use plenty of lamps. Light from lamps gives a room a much homelier ambience than a stark overhead light, no matter how great your shade. Have at least a couple of lamps in the room to give it a calming glow.


  • Include a rug, especially if you have wooden floors. Not only will a rug act as extra insulation and is comfy to walk on, but it adds a feeling of warmth to a room. Even if you have carpet, a rug will still provide that little extra bit of cosiness.


  • Get some scatter cushions. Scatter cushions get a bit of a bad rep, mainly for being useless. But they’re really not useless at all. Aside from providing often much needed back support, they also add layers to your couch, which gives the feeling of depth and warmth.


  • Fill the room with fabrics. When we’re cold, we wrap soft blankets around us, so seeing them in a room will instantly make us feel cosier. Fabrics also add layers and depth to a room, so go crazy with throws, rugs, sumptuous blinds and curtains, and even wall hangings if they take your fancy!


  • Choose warm colours. Warm colours are named so for a reason. Cooler colours, like stark whites, pale blues, and aqua greens are great for rooms that you want to feel clean and simple, but for a cosy living room, consider browns, deep reds, and even plum purples. 
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