A guide to choosing shutter blinds


Posted 22/08/2017

Have you always loved the look of shutters, but not sure what style will suit your interior? Before you take the plunge why not use this handy guide as your playbook and find out if your shutter ideas can become a reality in your home.

They’re a look that can never go out of style, a classic plantation shutter will tick all the interior design boxes. Traditional, elegant and stylish, this window dressing is sure to be the envy of all of your neighbors, but there are a few key points to consider before your buy.


Take control of your privacy



If privacy is a priority for you, a shutter could be your ideal window dressing. The rotating slats are great for allowing you to control your privacy. However, for something even more effective, take a look at our Café Style Collections or the Tier on Tier Collections. Both have the option to close the shutters on the bottom half of the window, whilst leaving the top half open. This allows you to increase your privacy from those on the street, whilst letting light flood the room, brightening up your interior. 


Create a cozy room



Make your house just that little bit cozier with a full-length plantation shutter. Our shutter designs can help to insulate your home and keep the heat in, adding that little extra warmth to your home. They also have sound reducing qualities, so if you live near a busy road, you can cut out some of the noise and create your own little world at home. 


A breeze to keep clean



Shutters are not only aesthetically dreamy, but in terms of keeping your home spick and span they’re your new best friend, so no need to worry about maintenance. All you need is a damp cloth to wipe down the shutters and keep everything glistening. There’s also no need to remove the fittings and wash them individually, make full use of the rotating shutter designs for the flexibility of a great clean every time.


A size for everyone



Finding a window dressing that achieves the perfect fit is always going to be your number one concern. No two homes are the same, and so being able input your specific measurements and get your very own made-to-measure product is extremely reassuring. By ordering your window shutter designs with us at 247 Blinds, you know you’ll be getting the most accurate fit possible. For an specific set of measurements every time, take a look at our guide to measuring for shutters.  


Are they right for my home?



This look will definitely make a statement and you may be worried that these gorgeous shutters wouldn’t be suited to every room. The main concern would be the bathroom or kitchen, where the moisture in the air may damage or warp wooden window shutter designs. However, at 247 Blinds, we’ve created a range that is made entirely from extremely convincing faux wood. This means you get the benefit of gorgeous, authentic looking shutters that are more durable than wood and water resistant too, making them perfect for any room in the house, bathroom and kitchen included. 

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