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Roller blinds continue to be a popular window covering choice, offering a simple yet effective way to dress your windows the way you want. Fitting takes a matter of minutes, and you'll have a durable result that quickly upgrades your room in no time at all.


Made to your measurements, roller blinds can be fitted two ways, we'll take you through these options below in easy to follow steps.


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Things to consider before fitting


What do I need to fit?

Fitting your blind

Care tips & child safety instructions



Things to consider when fitting

There are a few things to check before you start to install:-

• Check for obstructions such as window handles and vents. The solution to this is ensuring you have measured in the area required to fit, and bring the blind forward to this position.

• Read the child safety instructions that come with the blind, keeping a screw handy to fix the chain safety device to the wall.

• If you haven’t got enough room on the window or outside the recess, you may have to fit roller blinds to the ceiling above the window. All you need to do is measure the central point of the window using your spirit level and measure for the blinds left and right of this point (half of the total length.)

• The closer your blind is to the window glass, the better result you'll have, as this reduces light bleed as much as is possible.

• If you need to fit your blinds to UPVC windows, always try to fix blinds to the plaster above the windows. But if you have no other option, you can still use a masonry drill on the UPVC and fit as normal.

Looking for Twist&Fit?

Twist&Fit Roller blinds provide a bracket-free method of fitting your blind. Which means you'll have no brackets to install! 

Checkout our guide below for more information, or check the fitting page here.



What do I need to fit?

You won't need expert tools for the job, but we'd recommend the following:


Pencil to mark your bracket placements


A screwdriver, or power drill to quicken things up


A measuring tape to help measure up bracket placements.


The correct screws and wall plugs for the surface you'll be fitting your blind to. This could be plaster, wood or even steel, so we'd recommend looking online to ensure you get the best fittings for your blind.


A graphic showing a pencilA graphic showing a pencil
A graphic showing a screwdriverA graphic showing a screwdriver
A graphic showing a measuring TapeA graphic showing a measuring Tape
Measuring Tape
A graphic showing a drillA graphic showing a drill
A Drill



Fitting your blind

Follow these simple steps to fit your roller blinds:-

Step 1 - Position the brackets


Identify which end is the control end of your blind. This will be the sidewinder with the chain control. The opposite side is your pin end.

Place your brackets where you would like your roller blind to hang, whether that’s inside or outside your recess. You can 'top fix' to the top of the ceiling/lintel or alternatively 'face fix' to the wall.

Mark the position of the brackets and the drill holes with the pencil, then take your screws and begin to mount one of the brackets. Ensure you leave this bracket slightly loose, and screw the second hole.

Once this is done, go back to the first screw and completely drill this in. Complete this step on the opposite bracket.

A graphic showing how to face fix roller bracketsA graphic showing how to face fix roller brackets

Step 2 - Fitting the Roller blind


Take your blind, leaving it wound up, and push the pin end into the brackets. This is the end without the chain control.


Connect the other side by pressing the pin end in and slotting the blind into the cross-shaped depressions. Push down and the blind will click into place.


Pull the blind down to check its level and operating as normal. You may want to use a spirit level to ensure your blind is level in the brackets.

Fit your child safety decide to the wall, ensuring to pull the control chain as tight as possible.

A graphic showing how to fit your sidewinder end on a roller blind.A graphic showing how to fit your sidewinder end on a roller blind.
A graphic showing how to fit a roller blind chain safety deviceA graphic showing how to fit a roller blind chain safety device



Care Tips

Reduce dust build-up through regular usage of your roller blinds.

Check the level of your blind after each cleaning session to reduce any fraying damage.

Roller blinds can be lightly vacuumed with the soft nozzle attachment. Use lukewarm water to remove other stains.

Child Safety

All blinds present a strangulation risk due to cords and chains. Keep out of reach and ensure you install all safety devices that come with the blind, immediately after fitting.


Ensure all cords are kept away from small children, vulnerable people, and pets. All blinds present a strangulation risk due to cords and chains.


Move beds, cots and climbable furniture away from windows.  Do not tie cords together and make sure cords do not twist and create a loop.


This blind comes with a safety device for screwing to the wall & a cord with a breakable join.  This is designed to break under pressure and must not be tampered with.


Install your safety decide at the maximum distance possible from the control mechanism and at least 1.5 metres from the floor. Wrap any excess cord around the safety device, ensuring to always do this when the blind is not in use.

An pink graphic showing a child safety label for a blindAn pink graphic showing a child safety label for a blind
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