How to fit wooden blinds

When fitting wooden blinds, begin by marking the positions of the brackets. Then use your drill and the screws provided to fix the brackets to the wall. Once they’re installed, remove the plastic caps from your headrail. Slide it into the brackets and push down until it clicks into place.

Fitting wooden blinds in your home can be a great way to refresh your interior. With a variety of natural colours and gorgeous styles, they could be the traditional touch you’re looking for.

Before you begin mounting your new wooden blinds, take a moment to read through our guide on how to fit wooden blinds. Also make sure you stock up on the right tools beforehand. You will need a spirit level, pencil, tape measure and masonry drill along with bits and wall plugs if you’re drilling into plaster.

Part 1

Fitting the brackets

1. Position your brackets where you would like your wooden blind to hang and mark the position of the screw holes on the wall.

2. Place one of your brackets over the markings and gently drill one screw into the wall. Stopping before it is completely in the wall.

3. If it has moved at all, reposition your bracket so the other markings are visible through the holes and drill the screws full into the wall, before going back to tighten your first screw.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on your other bracket.

Part 2

Fitting the wooden blind

1. Once your brackets are in place, take your headrail and remove the plastic end caps.

2. With the Velcro patches facing towards you, slide the headrail into the brackets.

3. Push down and snap the hinge doors shut to hold the rail in place.

4. Remove the plastic backing from the Velcro patches to uncover the adhesive surface.

5. Slide the fascia over the front of the headrail and press firmly to secure it in place, making sure it fully covers the ends.

Part 3

Fitting the safety device

Before you put your tools away, be sure to avoid any injuries by fitting your safety device. Draw strings and chords can be dangerous to small children and pets, so make sure yours is safety tucked away by following these simple installation steps.

1. Beneath your draw string, measure a distance of 1.5m up from the floor.

2. Place the cleats of your safety device at this height and mark the position of the screw holes.

3. Taking one cleat, gently drill the screws over the holes, securing the cleat to the wall.

4. Repeat on the second cleat.

5. Finally, pull your draw string cord tightly downwards and wrap it in a figure of 8 pattern around the two cleats to tidy it away.

Now you’ve got fitting wooden blinds under your belt, consider dressing up the rest of your windows. With a full range of gorgeous wooden blinds in a variety of styles and colours, you’re sure to find something to suit your interior at 247 Blinds.

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