How to fit venetian blinds

When fitting venetian blinds there are a few basic steps to follow...

1. Mark the position of your brackets on the wall, making sure they’re level
2. Align your brackets with the markings
3. Use a drill to gently screw your brackets into the wall
4. Clip the blinds in place
5. Install safety device

In this guide we’ll take you through all of these basic steps in more detail, to make sure you get the best fit for your Venetian blinds. We’ve got all the advice on the most suitable fit for these blinds, along with how best to go about the job.

Read through the whole instructions before you get started to make sure you have all the necessary tools for the job. (There’s nothing worse than getting started and having to go shopping.) Mounting Venetian blinds is straightforward with our guide, especially as they’re made to order to fit your window. Before you get started you’ll need a few tools, including a spirit level, sharp pencil, tape measure, masonry drill, drill bits, screws and wall plugs.

Taking accurate measurements

Measure across your window for the entire length of the Venetian blinds, then mark with your pencil where your first bracket needs to go. You may need to deduct around 10mm from your measurements to make sure your Venetian blinds fit inside the recess snugly. If you find you need to fit outside of the recess, we recommend adding 120mm to the overall width of your blind to reduce any gaps that may let the light in.

Considerations before you start fitting

You’ll have decided where you are mounting your blinds before having them made. You can fix them to the window frame, wall or ceiling, but window fittings are not endorsed with plastic or aluminium windows as the drill holes can’t be filled. Positioning often depends on personal taste, but Venetian blinds generally serve their purpose a lot better (blocking out light and increasing insulation) if they are positioned within the recess of your window. However, if there are obstructions such as window handles and levers, you may have to compromise and fit Venetian blinds to the outside of the recess.

Part 1

Fitting the brackets

Note: When fitting venetian blinds it is important to note that the brackets will fit approximately 110mm in from the ends of your headrail, and can be spread across the width as required.

1. Place your brackets in the underside of the lintel where you plan on mounting your Venetian blind. Be as accurate as possible and use your spirit level to make sure it is all level.

2. Once your brackets are in place, mark the position of both of the holes where your screws will go.

3. Ensure your markings and the hole on your brackets are aligned before placing your screw over the hole, and starting to gently drill.

4. Only drill the screw around two thirds of the way into the wall.

5. Re-align your bracket if it has moved at all, so that the second marking is visible through the second hole.

6. When your bracket is in the right position, drill the second screw fully into the wall, before doing the same with the first screw.

7. Once one bracket is secure, fit the second.

Part 2

Fitting the venetian blind

1. With your blind fully pulled up, locate the swing arm on the headrail and push it anti-clockwise as far as it will go.

2. Lift it up and clip the blind over the bracket.

3. Push the swing arm clockwise until it locks, firmly holding the blind in place.

4. Release the blind and make sure everything is working smoothly by lifting and extending your new window dressing.

Part 3

Safety first

You know how to put up a venetian blind, which is great news and hopefully they look as perfect as you imagined. However, before you consider the work complete, take a look at the safety of your blinds. The cords, chains and tapes that operate venetian blinds can be an entanglement and strangulation risk to little ones and pets. It is possible to avoid a disaster by simply fitting the cord into a safety device known as a cleat.

Fitting your safety device

1. Once you blind is fully fitted, go to the control side and measure upwards from the floor at least 1.5m. This is where your safety device will sit.

2. Holding the device to the wall, mark the positions of your screws through the holes.

3. Align your device with the markings and gently drill the screws into the wall in both holes.

4. Once the cleats are secured on the wall, wrap your cords around them to keep the string taught and out of the way.

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