How to fit roman blinds

1. Mark the positions of your brackets.

2. Once the markings are level, realign your brackets with the markings

3. Use your drill to gently screw them into place.

4. When the brackets are firmly attached to the wall, clip your blind into the brackets to complete the perfect fit.

Fitting roman blinds is a relatively simple task and this roman blinds step-by-step guide will ease you through the above process in more detail so that you don’t come across any problems with your blinds in the future.

There are a few things you’ll need before you get started including a spirit level, pencil for marking, tape measure, masonry drill, drill bits, screws, wall plugs, and a cord holder should your roman blinds not have one included.

Positioning your roman blinds

Once you’ve already decided which window your blinds are going in, you need to know how to fit Roman blinds to that space. A lot of the positioning depends on the window frame that you’re working with and whether you’re putting the blinds on inside or outside of the recess. If you’re going inside the recess, you need to make sure there aren’t any obstructions to stop your blinds from hanging flat. Any protruding window handles and locks can interfere with the hang of your blinds, making it difficult to pull or extend them. If there aren’t any obstructions or you have enough room to accommodate them in your recess then you’re good to go. However, if you’re lacking space within the recess, you might be better off fitting your Roman blinds outside the recess – just recognise that you won’t get full blackout having a gap.

Take accurate measurements

Whether your building is old or new, don’t trust that your windows are perfectly horizontal. Always use a spirit level. Begin by measuring the width of the window three times to find an average. Once you have a final measurement, deduct an extra 5mm if you are positioning the Roman blinds within the window frame, so it can fit snugly within the recess. If you opt for an outside fit, we recommend adding 120mm to the width so there are no gaps around your blinds.

Part 1

Fitting the brackets

Note: When fitting roman blinds it is important to note that the brackets will fit approximately 110mm in from the ends of your headrail, and can be spread across the width as required.

1. Start by placing your brackets on the underside of the lintel where your roman blind will hang, making sure the blind is level.

2. Whilst your bracket is in place, use your pencil to mark the positions of both holes in each one. This is where your screws will go.

3. Take one bracket and align the holes with the markings. Place one of your screws over the hole and begin to drill it slowly into the wall, stopping when it is around two thirds of the way in.

4. If your bracket has moved at all, re-align it so the other hole sits over the other marking.

5. Once in position, gently drill the second screw full into the wall.

6. Drill your first screw fully into the wall.

7. Now that your first bracket is in place and firmly screwed to the wall, complete steps three to six on all brackets.

Part 2

Fitting the roman blind

1. Take the head rail and tip it approximately 45 degrees away from you.

2. While it is at this angle, hook the top of the clip into the brackets.

3. Once it is hooked in push the head rail down and forward until you hear it click into place.

Part 3

Safety considerations

Now you know how to put up a roman blind, congratulations! There is still another important part of the process - you need to make sure that the finished job is safe for the rest of the family. The low hanging strings and cords that operate your new roman blinds can pose an entanglement and strangulation risk to young children and pets. To avoid this we recommend fitting your cord away from any furniture such as beds, cots or chairs.

How to fit your safety device

1. Measure at least 1.5m up from the floor on the side your chords sits. This will find the correct installation point for your cord safety device.

2. Place the safety device against the wall and mark the position of the two screw holes.

3. Gently drill the screws through the holes and into the wall.

4. Wrap the strings around the protruding cleats to keep your cord tight, and out of the way.

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