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Plantation Shutters

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How much do Plantation Shutters cost?

Plantation shutters are priced by their square footage, so the bigger they are, the more expensive they will be. Optional extras can also influence their final price due to shutters manufacturing complexity and demand.


We offer a made to measure service, allowing our customers to make a substantial saving on the price as an alternative to those supplied and installed by a trades person.


Our easy-to-follow measuring and fitting guides give you all the information you will need to have them up in no time, and we also offer our Measure Guard for extra peace of mind.

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Which Plantation Shutters are the best?

At 247 Blinds, our Plantation Shutters have been carefully selected to give the best quality and prices on the market. Our range of shutters are custom-made, to snugly fit in windows of any size, and give you a timeless look. All our Shutters come with a 3-year guarantee, so you can be at peace of mind they look will great year-on-year. 


Really, it’s all about personal choice and the finished style you pick (Full Height, Tier on Tier and Café), then the material and colour you opt for.  All our shutters have the elliptical-styled slats, and come in a size range of 64mm, 76mm and 86mm. Pop a FREE sample in your basket, measure up, order and wait for your bespoke, perfectly made shutters to arrive.

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Why choose Plantation Shutters?

Plantation Shutters come with a heap of aesthetic and practical advantages, the clean lines of the louvred slats bring a brighter and fresher feel to any room. Practically, these are a great solution for privacy and easily kept clean with a quick dust over. 


You also have many modern updates to this classic product; from flame-retardant faux wood shutters that are crack resistant, warp resistant and waterproof, to hard-wearing, sustainably grown real woods. Each colour and option have been carefully curated to match demand and trends.

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Why choose Real Wood Shutters?

Real wooden shutters used to have two main issues : they were extremely heavy and expensive due to the hardwood source.  Now we have a new range of real wood shutters, the Kensington Collection, still made using hard wood and using a sustainably grown source. The wood used in our shutters is crafted using the Paulownia tree, which is also known as the Japanese Empress tree.


A fast grower, and lighter in weight than other sources, this makes this special hard wood, as a result, have an improved carbon footprint vs other hard wood sources. The lighter weight, but durable material helps to ensure not only a high-quality product, but one that’s also less prone to issues over years or decades of time.  Painted, or wrapped to create the smooth finished look, our Kensington range of shutters still have the same high standards as all our other products. That’s a promise.

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Why choose Faux Wood Shutters?

Our range of Faux Wood Shutters, the Bromley Collection, features faux wooden slats, are made using HSPVC (Heat-shrinkable polyvinyl chloride), which creates a lightweight, waterproof and flame-retardant product. Fantastic for bathrooms, kitchens and high-traffic areas, these materials came in the modern market in response to scarce and expensive resources. 


These shutters are designed to stand the test of time, /receiving an improved carbon footprint due to their lightweight VS traditional materials found in the pre-1980s, and their durability helping improve the overall longevity of the product.  Available in beautiful shades, which look just as lovely as the real thing, these are created to be long-lasting and offer a high-quality, modern finish at a fraction of the cost you’ll find on the high-street or through a trader.

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What size louvre for Plantation Shutters?

The size of the slat (blade/louvre) is entirely personal preference, we offer three different size   widths and as a quick guide this is what we recommend.

  • 64mm Slat – The most popular choice for any window size
  • 76mm Slat – Best for medium to large windows
  • 89mm Slat – Better suited for very large windows and doors

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Which style Plantation Shutters should I get?

The three styles of Plantation Shutters we offer are tailored to how much privacy and light you want. Full Height Shutter styles cover the whole window, each panel is opened in one piece. Whereas Café Style Shutters cover the lower section only, great for long windows and allowing an abundance of light at the top.


Our Tier-on-Tier Style Shutters are designed as two independent sections (top and bottom), giving you the flexibility to open each section separately.

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