Best blinds and shutters for sash windows


Posted 17/04/2018

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Sash windows are a stunning fixture in any home and can even be a great selling point! As well as bringing an eye-catching period look to your interior, sash windows can also give you supreme control of ventilation – as the opening of the window can be finely adjusted down to a narrow to allow optimal air flow. From trending shutters that adorn your indoors with warm glows, to blackout blinds that block out light when you’re trying to get some much-needed rest. Let’s take a look at the best blinds and shutters for sash windows at 247 Blinds.


What are the Best Blinds for Sash Windows? 

Sash windows are suitable for many blind types, but those that open from bottom to top vertically (which is most types) are the best option when it comes to functionality and ease of access for your sash windows. If you're looking for something cheap and cheerful. Roller blinds can work perfectly, but if you're hoping for something a little more stylish and on trend, Plantation Shutters and Roman Blinds are a great 

Plantation Shutters for Sash Windows 

If you have a large sash window, you might find it a challenge to choose a window dressing that complements its distinct look and feel. If you're looking for an on-trend solution, then look no further than plantation shutters – the best friends of sash windows. These shutters are elegant to look at and easy to use, with a natural finish that can be matched to any interior décor, and a classic design you can control to bring the right level of light to any room. To inject your bedroom with a warm and cosy feel, cream-coloured plantation shutters can work wonders – especially if you have matching cream shades around the room. Select them for a living room and they work just as well – bringing a snug, welcoming environment. As well as gracefully framing your sash windows, these shutters can be adjusted to allow for the optimum amount of sunlight or privacy – just tilt the slats to get the level you require. 

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Blackout Blinds for Sash Windows 

Practicality is one of the biggest benefits of sash windows,so if you’re wanting to dress them with something equally simple to use, Roman blackout blinds could be your answer. With a sleek design and availability in a wide selection of colours and textures, it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice. Blackout blinds are especially common in bedrooms, where they can help block out the light entirely. This comes in particularly handy when it comes to getting a good night’s rest, or if you want to stop too much sunlight getting pouring into your room if you plan to enjoy a glare-free movie marathon. If you do want to light up your room on a bright and sunny day – or show off your rustic-chic sash windows – you can pull your Roman blinds all the way up in no time.

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If you want to find out more about each blind type then head over to our Guide To Buying Blinds to dig deeper into each blind type for your Sash Windows. 

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