Brighten up your January with coloured blinds


Posted 31/12/2018

January may be a cold, dark month – but choosing bright coloured blinds can bring some life into your home over winter. Warm colours, energetic patterns and light-filtering designs all contribute to creating a lighter, brighter and cheerful room. So, while the wind howls and the rain beats against your windows, your blinds can shut you away from the outside world to create a happy and relaxing space.

Discover these easy ways to introduce bright colours into your home and combat any winter blues.


Living room



As the central hub of your home, your living room should feel welcoming, comforting and homey. A great way to achieve this is by opting for a warm palette for your blinds – such as red, orange and yellow. Even if the weather’s rubbish outside, you can whisk yourself away to a sunshine paradise with a day night blind in oranges and golden yellows. This adaptable design combines two layers of fabrics, so you can enjoy natural sunlight during the day without compromising your privacy. Then, at night, close them completely and grab your best blanket for a cosy night in your personal sanctuary.





Keep your kitchen feeling fresh and lively with a bright coloured roman blind. Let zesty lemon hues warm-up and energise this busy family room, checking out plain designs and vivid patterns which make your windows pop. We have an incredible range of prints to choose from, including quirky farm animals and bold floral prints. Find your favourite and create a contemporary and exciting setting in your kitchen, transforming it into the heart of your home once again.

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Colours can have a huge effect on our mood as soon as we step into a room. Calming hues such as lavender and soft grey create the perfect bedroom retreat for winter. The soft tone of lavender mixes bold purple with subtle pinks and blues to create a cosy haven where you can relax and unwind. Grey is the perfect partner to this colour scheme, creating a neutral background that feels softer and more relaxing than white. Together, these colours work beautifully against natural wooden blinds.

Bright coloured roller blinds also bring heaps of benefits to your bedroom. In a recent study a colour psychologist found that blue and yellow colour scheme can help you achieve a good night’s sleep, while others, such as dark purples and reds, can supress it. Opting for a bold yellow or a vivid blue can not only increase the amount of sleep you get a night but also help you to wake up feeling refreshed and energised, ready to take on the day.






Colour psychology can also have an effect on your day to day living. Maximise your productivity and get the most out of your home office with blue or green blinds. The colour blue represents the mind and is often used to boost productivity. Green symbolises balance and can help you to stay focused. In this room setting, vertical blinds are ideal. This classic design makes it easy to control the level of light shining into the room and adds a modern and stylish finish to your office.

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