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Posted 07/06/2024


As pretty and versatile as they are, keeping a room made almost entirely of glass comfortable and functional year-round is no easy feat! We've rounded up our top conservatory blinds picks to help you transform your conservatory into a space you can use and enjoy whatever the season!


More than just decoration, conservatory blinds are essential for making the most out of this often-neglected room. Conservatory blinds come with a whole host of practical benefits which allow you to control light, temperature, and privacy.


Ready to find the perfect blinds for your space? Read on for our expert advice on dressing conservatory windows so you can shop our range of conservatory blinds with confidence!


A bright botanical conservatory is shown with a ruby red sofa in the centre. The theme is tropical.A bright botanical conservatory is shown with a ruby red sofa in the centre. The theme is tropical.

What are Conservatory Blinds?


Conservatory blinds are those designed to meet the required functions and needs that come with conservatory windows. Available in a wide range of materials, styles and installation options, they can complement any interior decor style, whilst also offering practical benefits like glare reduction and UV protection, making them a must-have for any conservatory.


Why Use Blinds for Conservatory Windows?


Conservatory blinds offer endless benefits to enhance the comfort and functionality of your conservatory - let's take a look at the key functionalities.


Light Control


Conservatory blinds give you control over how much light can enter the space, a welcome function in a room full of windows! Blackout conservatory blinds are great for blocking out light completely and reducing glare, particularly handy for any south-facing conservatory windows.




It's easy to feel a little exposed in a room full of glass, especially if your conservatory is overlooked by neighbouring homes or a busy road. Conservatory blinds help to add privacy to the room, allowing you to decide how visible the room is. Multizone conservatory blinds are particularly handy when it comes to privacy as they allow you to open the blinds from both the top and the bottom, meaning you can adjust the light and privacy exactly to your liking!




Taupe day night blinds in a bright and neutral conservatory.Taupe day night blinds in a bright and neutral conservatory.
Day Night blinds are a great way to get the best of both worlds when it comes to light control and privacy.

Temperature Control


Thermal conservatory blinds allow you to regulate the temperature of the room, ensuring it's usable all year long. These specially designed blinds act as an extra layer of insulation for your windows, keeping the heat out during the summer months, and keeping the heat in during winter. Not only does this mean your conservatory will stay comfortable whatever the season, it also means you'll save money in the long run on air-con and heating costs.


Noise Reduction


Blinds made from denser materials can help dampen external noise, creating a quieter, more peaceful environment in your conservatory. This is particularly beneficial during harsh weather conditions, or if you live in a built-up area.


An image showing a blue living room with a large french window. Yellow, green and navy blue furnishings adorn the room.An image showing a blue living room with a large french window. Yellow, green and navy blue furnishings adorn the room.
Thermal pleated blinds are a conservatory window's best friend when it comes to keeping a room comfortable

Protection Against UV Damage


Furniture, fabrics, and flooring can easily succumb to the damage caused by exposure to UV light when it comes to conservatories. Conservatory blinds help to prevent this by significantly reducing how much UV light can enter the room, helping to preserve the condition of your interiors by prolonging their life-span!


Add Your Personal Style


With hundreds of styles, colours and materials to choose from, conservatory blinds can be a great way to enhance the interior design of your space. Minimal designs are perfect for adding all the benefits of conservatory blinds without overwhelming the room. But since conservatories tend to be used less-often than other rooms, we think they're a great space to go all out and let your inner interior designer run free with bold colours and prints that show your personality! 


A bold abstract roller blind shown in conservatory windowsA bold abstract roller blind shown in conservatory windows
Abstract prints and bright pops of colour can really warm the space up whilst creating an inviting look.

The Best Blinds for Conservatory Windows


Finding the best conservatory blinds for your home depends on your practical needs - whether that's enhancing privacy, controlling light, or improving energy efficiency. Each type of conservatory blind offers different benefits, and pinpointing the ones that align most with your needs is crucial. 


The importance of style cannot be overstated in a space with so much natural light - there's no hiding here! The material and colour you choose for your blinds has the potential to transform the aesthetic appeal of the space, so it's important to consider style as well as function when making a decision.


No Drill Conservatory Blinds


No drill conservatory blinds allow you to add functionality and style to your conservatory without the fuss! They're especially useful for conservatories with window frames or walls where drilling isn't the best option, and luckily for you we have no drill options to suit all needs and window types.


All of our no drill conservatory blinds are fixed to the windows themselves, rather than to the walls or recesses. This is great if your conservatory features patio doors or tilt and turn windows, as they move as one with the glass, meaning you can open and close them as you please without having to adjust your blinds. 


Perfect Fit Conservatory Blinds


Looking for blinds that seamlessly integrate with your conservatory windows? Perfect Fit blinds are the ideal choice. These blinds come with a complete white or anthracite frame, giving a built-in look once installed. 

Not only do they look great, Perfect Fit blinds are super easy to install. Brackets are inserted under the rubber beading (also known as the gasket) of uPVC windows or doors, and the blinds then clip into place - it’s really that simple! This also means you can clip them off just as easily as you can clip them on, meaning easy access for window cleaning. 

Another great benefit of Perfect Fit blinds is their multizone controls. This means you can operate the blind from the top-down and the bottom-up, letting in or blocking out light at either end of the blind. This feature is perfect for getting light and privacy just right in your conservatory. 

Perfect Fit blinds are available in a range of styles from Venetian, to wooden, to pleated - but our recommendation for conservatories would be Perfect Fit Pleated blinds. These styles are available in blackout, thermal or both meaning you can boost the benefits even more!


A conservatory with Perfect Fit blinds fitted to anthracite windowsA conservatory with Perfect Fit blinds fitted to anthracite windows
Perfect Fit blinds offer an integrated look when fitted to conservatory windows!

Clip Fit


Another great no drill option for conservatory windows are Clip Fit blinds. Similarly to Perfect Fit blinds, these shades are installed using brackets inserted under the beading of uPVC windows. The main difference here is that instead of coming fully encased in a frame, Clip Fit blinds are frameless and come with two adhesive side channels instead to minimise light bleed around the edges. This makes them a great choice for conservatories where the windows are closer together and therefore don’t have the clearance to accommodate the overlap of a Perfect Fit frame. 


Like Perfect Fit blinds, Clip Fit blinds are available in both Venetian and pleated styles allowing you to choose the best style for your space. Venetians can be a great option for conservatories as they allow you to let in plenty of light whilst also maintaining privacy. 


White pleated clip fit blinds in large conservatory windowsWhite pleated clip fit blinds in large conservatory windows
Clip Fit blinds can be installed in seconds for an instant transformation

Stick Fit


If your conservatory doesn’t feature uPVC windows, don’t fear! Our Stick Fit blinds provide a no drill solution for all types of window frames, with no specific beading or frame depth requirements. These blinds are fixed using adhesive side channels which stick directly onto the glass itself, which the blinds are then clipped onto. The Stick Fit adhesive has been tested against heat and condensation making them a suitable option for conservatory windows, and they also come with a five year guarantee like the rest of our product for extra peace of mind!


Stick Fit blinds are available in pleated and Venetian styles, with thermal and blackout fabrics to choose from if light-blocking and temperature control is on your conservatory blind checklist!


Grey venetian no drill blinds fitted to conservatory windows Grey venetian no drill blinds fitted to conservatory windows
Stick Fit blinds are perfect for wooden frames or windows with tricky beading!

Honeycomb No Drill Conservatory Blinds


Regulating the temperature of a room made almost entirely of glass can be a challenge! Which is why our top pick when it comes to no drill conservatory blinds is honeycomb styles. Available in Perfect Fit, Clip Fit, and Stick Fit, the comb-like structure of honeycomb pleated blinds traps a layer of air between the glass and the room, acting as a blanket for your windows! 


Not only does this help to keep the cold out and the heat in during the winter months, these blinds also help to keep heat out in the summer months. This thermal ability doesn’t just keep you comfortable and allow you to get more use out of your conservatory, it can also help reduce energy costs by minimising the need for heating and cooling. 


Black pleated thermal blinds fitted to conservatory windows Black pleated thermal blinds fitted to conservatory windows
Honeycomb blinds help to keep rooms warm in winter and cool in summer.

Conservatory Roof Blinds


If your conservatory features skylight windows in the roof you’re in luck, as we also offer a range of loft blinds suitable for Velux, Falkro, Rooflite and Dakstra windows. Skylight blinds can often be overlooked when it comes to conservatories, but they’re a great way to add extra light control and minimise the heat that can be lost through skylights during the colder months. Our energy saving selection of roof blinds is perfect for ensuring maximum insulation and usability year-round.


Pale pink loft blind fitted to a skylightPale pink loft blind fitted to a skylight
Skylight blinds are great for keeping rooms cool in summer

Traditional Conservatory Blinds

Alongside our extensive no drill range of conservatory blinds, we also offer plenty of options that come with standard fixtures and fittings. Worry not! All of our blinds have handy step-by-step measuring and fitting guides to help you have your new blinds up in a flash.


Thermal Conservatory Blinds

As we mentioned, conservatories, with their expansive glass panels, are naturally poor insulators, making them vulnerable to extreme temperatures. If no drill blinds aren’t your style, we also offer traditional thermal blinds to help keep your conservatory’s climate under control!


Remember those super-smart honeycomb thermal blinds we mentioned earlier? They’re also available as free-hanging pleated blinds which can be fixed traditionally using brackets. These free-hanging blinds also come with customisable control options - go corded or cordless, for extra peace of mind, and choose from traditional top-down controls or flexible multizone controls to manage light and privacy. 


If you’re looking to add a touch of luxe to your conservatory, our thermally lined Roman blinds might be just the ticket. Our thick thermal lining acts as a layer of insulation, trapping heat effectively. Alternatively, opt for our range of sleek, energy saving roller blinds, which feature Solar Protective Coated fabrics which act to keep rooms cool in summer and warm in winter. 


Beige free-hanging pleated blinds fitted to a neutral conservatory Beige free-hanging pleated blinds fitted to a neutral conservatory
Free-hanging pleated blinds can be ordered with multizone tensioned controls, for effortless operation and top-tier flexibility!

Vertical Conservatory Blinds


Vertical blinds are a great choice for conservatories, particularly because of their suitability for large windows. Vertical blinds are available in widths up to 500cm than, making them perfect for covering wide areas without sacrificing style or functionality.

The vertical slats allow for a wide range of light control, offering varying degrees of filtration. This is particularly beneficial in conservatories, which often experience intense glare, especially during peak daylight hours. By simply adjusting the angle of the blinds, you can reduce glare while still allowing ample natural light to illuminate the space, enhancing both comfort and visibility.

Additionally, vertical blinds add a modern aesthetic to any room, their sleek lines enhancing the perception of height and space in your conservatory. Their versatility in style and material, coupled with their functional benefits of light management and suitability for large glass areas, makes vertical blinds an ideal solution for conservatory windows.


Grey vertical blinds fitted over conservatory doorsGrey vertical blinds fitted over conservatory doors
Vertical blinds are available in large widths, great for covering entire walls of windows or sliding doors!

Electric Conservatory Blinds


Manually adjusting the blinds in your conservatory can be cumbersome, with lots of windows, and some in potentially hard to reach places. Electric blinds offer an effortless alternative, providing the convenience of adjusting light levels with just the touch of a wireless remote. 

Designed with durability and ease of use in mind, electric blinds operate smoothly and quietly, ensuring that adjusting them is both simple and efficient.

There is a diverse range of electric blinds available, catering to different needs and aesthetics. Whether you're looking for roller blinds that offer a minimalist look, Venetian blinds for precise light control, or blackout blinds to completely eliminate glare, there’s an electric option available. Each style integrates seamlessly into your conservatory, enhancing both its functionality and its interior design. This versatility, combined with the practical benefits of motorised operation, makes electric blinds a superb choice for any conservatory.


beige electric roller blinds fitted to large conservatory windows beige electric roller blinds fitted to large conservatory windows
Electric blinds mean you can control light and privacy at the touch of a button!

Day Night Blinds


Day and Night blinds offer a sophisticated solution for managing light in your conservatory, featuring clever technology that provides unparalleled control over light filtration. These innovative blinds are designed with alternating translucent and opaque fabric strips, which can be adjusted to either block out light completely, allow a gentle glow, or flood the space with brightness.


This unique design enables you to soften harsh glares with the translucent fabric while still enjoying natural light, or you can align the opaque strips for full privacy and shading. The flexibility to adjust these settings seamlessly means you can create the perfect ambiance at any time of day, essentially giving you access to that 'golden-hour' glow whenever you desire, without the discomfort of direct sunlight.


Day and Night blinds are ideal for conservatories, where the intensity of light can vary dramatically throughout the day. With these blinds, you can enjoy the benefits of natural light without any of the drawbacks, ensuring your conservatory is a comfortable, visually pleasing space all day long.


Striped day night or zebra blinds fitted in a neutral conservatory Striped day night or zebra blinds fitted in a neutral conservatory
Day Night blinds feature panels of sheer and opaque striped fabric allowing you to get light just right.

Conservatory Blinds to Suit Every Style


Conservatory blinds come in a variety of styles, each offering unique aesthetic benefits that can complement different interior designs.

Venetian Blinds: Timeless and versatile, Venetian blinds are a classic choice that suits any decor style. Whether your conservatory has a modern minimalist look or a more traditional feel, Venetian blinds can be effortlessly integrated. Featuring curved aluminium slats in various widths that help reflect heat away from the room, these blind offer a stylish and functional solution.


Roman Blinds: Known for their elegance and sophistication, Roman blinds bring a luxurious touch to the conservatory. When raised, they fold into a neat stack at the top of the window, providing a clean and uncluttered look. The soft fabric options available can add warmth and texture to your space, making them perfect for more formal or traditional interiors.


Pleated Blinds: Offering a sleek and contemporary look, pleated blinds are characterised by their neat, horizontal folds which resemble an accordion. These blinds are particularly effective in modern spaces due to their clean lines and subtle appearance. 


Wooden Blinds: For a touch of the organic and a hint of rustic charm, wooden blinds are an excellent choice. They bring warmth and texture to your conservatory, making the space feel cosy and inviting. When it comes to dressing conservatory windows we’d recommend opting for our faux wooden blinds, not only are these denser than real wood blinds, offering better thermal benefits, they’re also warp and crack resistant making them suitable for windows that get a lot of sun exposure. 


Roller Blinds: Roller blinds offer a straightforward and functional option with a wide range of fabrics and patterns to choose from. Their simple mechanism and full coverage make them a practical choice for conservatories, fitting well with modern, minimalist, and casual decorating styles.


Honeycomb Blinds: Known for their energy efficiency, honeycomb blinds are ideal for maintaining temperature control in the conservatory. The clean, crisp lines of honeycomb blinds make them suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors.


Bring Style to your Conservatory with New Blinds


Ready to find the perfect blinds for your conservatory? The right blinds could be just what you were looking for to add those final finishing touches to your space. From light and temperature control, to increased privacy and UV protection, there’s a whole host of benefits to enjoy with new conservatory blinds. Explore our range of conservatory blinds and find yours today. 


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