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Posted 12/01/2023

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When decorating your home creative mood boards are not only for professionals, like some may think. They are a great way to get stuck in to your ideas from the comfort of your home. Deep diving in to your creative side, you can really get a sense of direction for your decor. By using additions like free wallpaper, paint and blind samples, right through to leafs and door knobs, you can get a great sense of textures and colour schemes that work well together to create your very own sanctuary. 

Decorating doesn't have to be a tedious task, grab your creative cap and read our top 6 tips to create your own mood-board...

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1 - Inspiration 

With so many inspirational platforms at our fingertips, it's easy to get stuck into sites like Pinterest and Instagram to find some styles that you like the look of. But if you want to get a real feel for creating a mood board, pick up some free catalogues or magazines and cut out the images that you're drawn to. Your inspiration doesn't always have to be home related, think colours and textures that you're naturally drawn to. Head over to our Inspiration Hub if you're not sure where to start.


2 - Keep an open mind 

Don't be too specific when it comes to colours in your space, it can be easy to get overwhelmed when all you have on your mind is a specific colour. Think of how you want your space to make you feel and go from there. If you want a clean relaxing space, consider how to keep your space bright and airy as a starting point like adding in some White Wooden Blinds to allow natural light to flow through your home. 


3 - Details

Try not be afraid to feature specific details, a pattern, a shape, a trim, a picture that you are determined to include in your room. It is ok to have a hero item or a ‘must have’ and this can often help when it comes to sourcing. 

“Get your hands on some free samples”

4 - Free Samples

Get your hands on as many free samples as you can! Says our Creative Director – Amy Wilson, "Most interior brands offer free samples and these will really bring your mood board to life, so take advantage of this service. Why not throw in a couple of samples that push you out of your comfort zone - you may be surprised!”

5 - Key Words 

Include some words and phrases – include words that reflect the ambition of your design to help keep you on track. These could be words that are more broad about the feeling you want to create when you walk into your home –  Warmth, joy, calming or maybe it is more specific design references like pattern, blue, metallic.


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6 - Enjoy it!

Enjoy the process and keep an open mind to change. This is all the fun of being an adult, so enjoy watching your scheme evolve, take your time and don’t be afraid of things changing from what you initially imagined but instead embrace new ideas. 

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