4 Ways to display your trinkets


Posted 20/04/2017

4 Ways to Display Your Trinkets

Every home should be full of those special bits and pieces that represent those who live there. Trinkets can range from a sweet ornament you bought on holiday to a trophy you won way back when to a much-loved family photograph. These are the things that we all love to have on display, but often don’t know where to put. Have a read of our ideas on how you could best show off the things that really matter to you, and then get busy displaying your trinkets!


1. Make the fridge a memory board

A memory board is a great way of showing off the photos, letters, and odds and ends that you collect. With everyone going to the fridge seemingly night and day, you can transform the monotone exterior into an eclectic mixture of memories that’s sure to put a smile on your face all day long.


2. Bring your neglected spaces to life

Neglected spaces are those parts of the home that you don't spend much time in, and as a result they rarely get the full love and attention of those key areas like the kitchen and living room. The hallway, the top-floor landing, and the spare bedroom are all classic examples. By adding a few well-placed family photos in conjunction with some images you have taken on your journey through life, you can add that homely touch that will make these spaces feel part of the rest of the house again.


3. Celebrate side surfaces

Windowsills, sideboards, and mantelpieces all make great platforms on which to display the things that really matter to you. Don’t go over the top and run the risk of guests feeling that they are surrounded by clutter; a couple of well-chosen photos or ornaments are all it takes to give that lovely lived-in feel that every home deserves.


4. Be imaginative

Adding your own stamp to your house is what will make it feel like your own, so there’s no right or wrong way to go about things. If you have something that would fit perfectly in a place many people may not think of, try it. See what it looks like and whether it fits in with the rest of your decor. If after a few days you feel that it is not for you, then there’s no issue, just take it down and try it somewhere else. 

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