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Posted 11/10/2022

blog cover on a difference between real vs faux woodblog cover on a difference between real vs faux wood


Found yourself pondering whether to go faux or keep it real? When it comes to decking out your windows the choice between our Ecowood range of faux wooden venetians and the authentic charm of our real wooden blinds can be a tough one. Let’s whisk through the perks of each, helping you dress your windows in a style that’s just right for your space and its needs.


Ecowood Deluxe, Washed White Satin - Venetian Blind

Our Ecowood collection is like the superhero of blinds - sleek, strong, and incredibly versatile. Designed for the rigors of life, these PVC marvels bring the warmth of wood without the worry. Here’s why they’re our best-selling window coverings:


Unflappable Durability: Made from water, warp, and crack-resistant material, these blinds are crafted to conquer moisture and sunlight, making them the perfect sidekick for steamy kitchens and bathrooms.


Clean in a Flash: Low maintenance? Check! A quick swipe keeps these blinds looking as fresh as a daisy.


Wallet-Friendly Wonders: All the charm, without the price tag - what's not to love?


Stylish Versatility: Satin or fine grain, tapes or strings, we've got the look to match your decor dreams.


The Authentic Charm of Real Wooden Blinds

For those who love a touch of nature in their home, our real wooden blinds are like a warm hug for your windows. Each slat tells a story, infusing your space with natural beauty and a sprinkle of rustic charm:


Sunshine Shield: Protect your precious interiors from the sun's kiss, keeping colours bright and spirits high.


Feather-Light Elegance: Perfect for grand windows, real wooden blinds are lighter than their faux alternatives, for effortless operation no matter the size.


High-Quality Finish: With a palette of finishes and colours to choose from, your windows will be dressed to impress.


Origin, Old Walnut - Venetian Blind
Copenhagen, Super White Satin - Venetian Blind

The Eco-Chic Copenhagen Range


Our Copenhagen range is the green heart of our real wood collection, crafted from the sustainable superstar, Paulownia wood. Paulownia trees are known for their rapid regrowth and sustainability. Light as a feather but tough as nails, our Copenhagen range doesn’t just look gorgeous, it does the planet a solid too!


Choosing Your Perfect Match

Whether your heart is set on the functional flair of our Ecowood range, or you're swooning for the natural elegance of real wood, we've got the perfect style to make your home feel like a page from your fave decor magazine. Consider the vibe you're aiming for - the practical magic of faux, or the timeless allure of timber?


Dive into our collection and see the sophistication in person by taking advantage of our unlimited free sampling service. Order as many as you like and we'll dispatch them free of charge with first class delivery!

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