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Posted 28/09/2023

With so many different interior design trends – and microtrends - constantly entering the home interiors' scene, it can be difficult to know how best to decorate your home and create a space which feels authentic to you.

Exploring search volume, we found there are several interior trends beginning to regain popularity, highlighting the cyclic nature of microtrends. Searches for ‘cottagecore’ on TikTok have increased by 23% since last month, as well as maximalism which has surged by 45% over the past twelve months.

Hopping onto the latest emerging interior trends can be enticing, especially if you are a visual person. However, when considering value for money, it is key to consider timelessness over short-lived trends. But how many of us have the confidence to move away from trends and create a more authentic home?

In our recent survey of 2,000 respondents, we found that 26% are not confident when it comes to making interior design decisions. With this in mind, our interior designer and creative director Amy Wilson has explored some of the ways you can feel more confident and inspired when it comes to home interior design, as well as how to create a timeless space that won’t break the bank.


An image showing a results of a survey by 247 blindsAn image showing a results of a survey by 247 blinds
Brits struggle to add personality to their home interiors


Interestingly, our survey found that over half (52%) turn to social media platforms for home inspiration, with this being the most popular place to look for guidance. 

When looking into the different age groups we found that for those aged 16 to 24, TikTok was the favourite platform for home inspiration with 43% choosing this. As the age changed, so did the social media platform. For those aged 25 to 34, Instagram was the more popular choice, with 37% turning to the platform for inspiration.

We then asked if they feel their home interior design choices reflect their personality, in which almost one in five (17%) admitted it doesn’t. 17% of respondents also revealed that they struggle with finding inspiration, making the home decorating process challenging. 

Amy says: “When it comes to improving your confidence with home interior design, always trust your instincts. Try to not be swayed by new trends or to attempt copying someone else’s interior style. It’s important to find the difference between taking influence and copying other styles. Allow yourself plenty of time to browse through different sources of inspiration but don’t save too many different images, as this can become confusing.

 “Only save the images you truly love and then look for a common factor between them to better understand what you are drawn to and feel excited by. Remember your interior design is for you only and feel empowered to make decisions that break the mould of current trends if it feels right for you.”


A teal blue roller blind is shown in a kitchen decorated with teal blue cabinetsA teal blue roller blind is shown in a kitchen decorated with teal blue cabinets


Our survey also revealed that the most common challenge people face when it comes to interior design is budget. One in three respondents admitted that they find it difficult to balance both their style and budget, whilst 22% felt making interior design changes on a budget is challenging. 

Amy advises: “Given the cost of living crisis, people will be looking for cheap alternatives to costly transformations more than ever. Importantly, interior design changes do not have to break the bank. Switching up your home decor can be cost-effective if you understand where you should and shouldn’t invest your money.”

1) Identify where you can make small yet effective changes

Amy explains:When looking to give your home some TLC and play around with a different style, focus away from big-ticket items such as carpets and large furniture and towards smaller soft furnishings, ornaments to help restyle a space or even a lick of paint. 

“One of my favourite ways to refresh the home is to focus on window dressings as they work really well at tying a space together. Roller blinds are an ideal choice for someone looking to introduce some colourful prints and patterns in a cost-effective way. Layer with a pair of simple made to measure curtains for an added touch of luxury and warmth. 

“Another tactic is to simply rearrange items you already have. Styling can have a big impact and really elevate your interior design, without costing a penny. If you have a shelving unit, try to minimise any clutter and keep to showcasing items such as books, photo frames and a plant or two. Giving your shelves a fresh coat of paint could also be a quick and easy way to refresh your space without buying new furniture.”


A yellow roller blind is shown in a scandi themed bedroomA yellow roller blind is shown in a scandi themed bedroom


2) Look to your wardrobe for your interiors inspiration

Amy suggests:Social media is a popular choice when it comes to finding home inspiration where new trends emerge and recycle each day, but it can be a good idea to look beyond this. If you struggle to feel inspired or know where to look, I always recommend looking at the things you love such as a favourite holiday destination. 

“Another tip is to open your wardrobe. What colours, patterns and textures do you see? This will give you a good insight into the sort of colours you are drawn to and reflect your personality. If your wardrobe is home to neutrals and monochrome shades, opting for busy and blousy prints in your home probably isn’t the right choice for you.”

3) Dip your toe into trends whilst keeping a cohesive canvas

Amy says:Whilst timelessness is important, especially when considering value for money, trends can be fun to dip your toe into in smaller ways. The best way to do this is to create a blank canvas through neutral furniture items and items such as cream curtains. You can then bring the trend in through subtle soft furnishings. Look at the trend you are interested in and see if you can spot any small themes, this could be a type of cushion cover or poster style, which you can easily swap in and out.”

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247 Blinds and 247 Curtains surveyed 2,000 people in the month of August 2023 to understand how people feel about interior design and the most common challenges people face when it comes to redecorating their home
*52% of respondents look to at least one of the following social media platforms: Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok
TikTok search volume taken from, correct as of 23/08/2023


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