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Posted 21/06/2017


Roll up your sleeves and let's dive into the surprisingly fun world of fitting blinds inside your window recess! It might seem like a daunting task at first, but installing blinds inside your window recess doesn't have to be tricky. A recess fitted blind can turn your windows from 'meh' to magical in an instant, and luckily for you we've got all the deets to turn you into a window dressing wizard in no time!


How to Measure for Blinds Inside the Recess


First thing’s first, grab that tape measure because precision is key. You’re going to measure the inside of your recess so we can craft you a blind that’s perfect for your space. To avoid any ‘oops’ moments, check out our measuring guide or super-handy video tutorials specific to the blind type you’ll be ordering. As a rule of thumb we recommend taking three wall-to-wall measurements across the width of your recess, and three ceiling-to-sill measurements across the drop, then all that’s left to do is send us the smallest of each and we’ll make the necessary reductions to make sure your blind fits snug inside your recess! 


Where to Position Blinds in the Recess


Now, if you’re blessed with a deep recess you might be pondering where to perch your blinds. Back of the recess? Somewhere in the middle? Here’s the scoop: dodge any obstructions like window handles by fitting your blind a tad forward. And if you’re on a quest to banish light bleed, snug up as close to the window frame as possible. It’s all about striking that perfect balance between form and function.


How to Fit Blinds in the Recess


Okay, now let’s get to the point! Regardless of the blind style you’ve fallen for, the fitting journey is pretty standard (and always straightforward, promise!). 


Choose your bracket’s destiny! Will it be a top-fix to the lintel, or a face-fix to the sides of your recess? The choice is yours!

Drill, baby, drill. Use the brackets as a guide to mark where you’ll be drilling with a pencil, and then go for it. Pop in those wall plugs and secure your bracket with screws. 

The grand finale. Fit your blind into the brackets, following your fitting guide’s instructions to ensure it’s secure. Et voila!


Should I Fit Inside the Recess or Outside the Recess?


Inside recess vs outside recess…the question as old as time! Fitting blinds inside the recess gifts your space with a neat, streamlined look. But make sure to do a little reconnaissance first. If your recess is even shallower than a kiddie pool (less than 60mm) or your window likes to invade your personal space by opening inwards, you might want to consider an outside recess fit AKA exact fit. Roman blinds, with their stunning patterns, can double as a window covering and a piece of art when fitting outside the recess. Talk about a win-win!


Which Blinds Best Suit a Recess?


When it comes to recess royalty, Venetians, Roman blinds, wooden blinds, and roller blinds all share the crown. These options promise a polished look, and mean you’ll be able to see all your windowsill trinkets even when your blinds are closed!


The Right Tools for the Job


If you’re ready to embark on this home improvement quest make sure you’ve got all the gear (you can rely on us for the ideas!). You’ll need a drill, an assortment of drill bits, wall plugs, a screwdriver, and the MVPs: a tape measure and pencil. If measuring has you mystified, our measuring guide is here to save the day. And when the big day comes to fit your blind you’ll find handy blind-specific guides to walk you through the process on our site.


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