Make a Clean Break from Old Routines… Get a Cleaning Rota

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Posted 26/06/2019



Does mess make you stressed? You’re not alone. We carried out a nationwide study into the effects of tidiness and cleanliness around the home, which revealed that 63% of people feel unhappy and even anxious when their home is a tip, but many don’t know where to start. 


We teamed up with leading therapist, Sally Baker, to discover what positive steps can be taken to make chores more achievable, and she told us that our homes and our wellbeing could be transformed simply with a good, old-fashioned cleaning rota like this one, complete with days off. We like it already… 

Everyday tasks 

These are quick tasks you can do each day to keep things looking clean and tidy throughout the week so that you don’t feel overwhelmed at the weekend. Keeping on top of these tasks will also make your home look more inviting at the end of a long day. 


● Give the toilet seat, rim of the toilet bowl and bathroom sink a quick wipe over with a disinfectant spray and a cloth each night before you go to bed 

● Wipe down the kitchen surfaces with a disinfectant spray and cloth after use 

● Wash and dry any used pots and dishes 

● Wipe down cooker hob and inside of the oven after use 


● Make the bed each morning 

● Put any dirty clothes in the washing basket 

● Do a quick general home ‘spruce’ up each evening before you sit down to relax by putting away any belongings, clearing surfaces and throwing any unused/unwanted items in the bin 


Here, we’ve added a few additional tasks to complete on certain days of the week. These are areas that can become a risk to personal hygiene if not cleaned regularly but also areas that can make the home look untidy if left and may lead you to feel stressed and overwhelmed. 



● No tasks to complete - the beginning of a new week can be stressful enough! 


● Vacuum the carpets - carpets quickly build-up bacteria and dust mites so it’s important to clean them regularly and avoid walking on them with outdoor shoes on 


● No tasks to complete - hump day! 


● Give your shower screen and tiles a quick wipe over with a disinfectant spray and cloth 


● No tasks to complete - TGIF! 



● Full bathroom clean - bleaching and scrubbing where necessary with a particular focus on the toilet, shower, bath and sink 

● Floors - hoover the carpets and mop any hard flooring such as tiles, laminate or cushion floor 

● Remote controls and light switch - wipe down the remote controls with an antibacterial wipe 


● Wash and change the bedding - it is recommended that you change your sheets and bedding once a week and wash at 60 degrees or above to kill any bacteria 

● Wash and replace bathroom towels and bathmats 

● Dust and polish surfaces around the house




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