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Posted 05/01/2022

You know the feeling: you want to add style, privacy, and plenty of natural light to the bathroom and yet you have no idea where to start. Sound familiar? We felt the same way, which is why we took a long hard look at our range and picked out the bright ideas that are sure to make your house a home. All you have to do is find the right one for you, and we’ll do the rest. But first, a key question…


Do I have to sacrifice style to get privacy?

When you used to have to choose between the same old off-the-shelf options this may have been the case, but with made to measure blinds, you get privacy and style working together in perfect harmony.  Get perfectly fitting blinds and be the envy of friends and neighbours.


All you have to do is follow our simple guidelines on the page of your choice, and we’ll make sure you have the perfect fit your home has been waiting for. Just what you want to hear when you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to find bathroom window privacy ideas, we help take the stress out of life.


A brown patterned vertical blind in a modern bathroomA brown patterned vertical blind in a modern bathroom
- A simple light neutral help create a softer look, great for throughout the year.



How about some bathroom window decor ideas?

No problem folks! We know it’s style that you want more than anything, so take a look at a few of these exciting categories and see what catches your eye:

Roller Blinds: These are ideal when you want something quick and easy to fit that comes in morecolours, patterns and playful designs than you’ll know what to do with. Go for waterproof or water-resistant options to ensure your blinds stay their very best.  If your window is right next to a sink, bath or shower then waterproof options to tend to be the safest option.  The pick your fave, get a free sample, and the rest will fall right into place.


Wooden Blinds: When it’s time to get classic with your decor, why look further than a set oflight wooden shades?  PVC wooden blinds are a viable, smart option for your bathroom.  Both water-resistant and flame-retardant makes these blinds a great all-rounder for the home.  Can we think of a more stylish alternative? It’s the question we’ve been asking ourselves all morning when we were writing this, and we still haven’t come up with an answer! That tells you everything you need to know…


Aluminium Venetian Blinds: Simple, cost-effective and available in saturated metal slat shades, these blinds offer a great way to add a pop of colour, or play it minimalist with cool neutrals.


Plantation Shutters: When it’s time to spruce things up in the bathroom, somesoft coloured shutters are all you need. These are available in sumptuous hardwood and water-resistant HSPVC.  Once you find the right set, you can be sure that your friends and family will be coming to you when they want to know how to dress a bathroom window in style.

An image showing a cream taped wooden blind in a modern white bathroomAn image showing a cream taped wooden blind in a modern white bathroom
- A great minimalist way to style a bathroom using a taped wooden blind

All you need to do now is start thinking about how you can bring your theme together in the blink of an eye. To make it happen, ask yourself one last burning question, and and you’ll be all set…



What are the simplest things to change?

Wall art, window dressings and ornaments are the name of the game here folks. Tiles, walls and fixtures can all be changed too, but the time and effort involved is next level.


If you want to add a secondary layer to your decor the first thing to do is get some free samples, pick your fave, and then shop for some wall art and ornaments to adorn the place. While you do that, we’ll start making your blinds. Deal?

An image showing two green perfect fit roller blinds with green walls An image showing two green perfect fit roller blinds with green walls
- Little changes to your bathroom can really brighten the mood and interior
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