Blog 247 Blinds Presents: The Complete Bathroom Blinds Guide

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Posted 10/04/2019

To give yourself plenty of bright bathroom blinds ideas when you come to breathe some new life into your ever-faithful bathroom, take a look at this handy 3 minute read and hear some advice from the decor experts. It really is that simple!


5 Bathroom Blinds That We Know You’ll Love

It can be so tricky deciding on a bathroom blind, so why not let the experts point you in the right direction?


Rimini Myrtle - Roller Blind



The rich minty green of Myrtle is just what you need to add that regal finishing touch to the bathroom. And because it’s a roller blind, you can lower it in seconds whilst you run the bath. Perfect for when you want to take it easy.


Rimini Midnight - Roller Blind



With a moody timeless shade on offer, Midnight adds new depth and clarity to your decor. Just what you want when you’re trying to bring the space to life like never before.


Roma Alto - Roller Blind



This light contemporary stone grey is the perfect way to add some up to date style to any type of bathroom. All you need to do now is run the bath, and put your feet up.


Origin Navy - Roller Blind



A deep relaxing blue is something that can make any bathroom feel like home, so why not treat yourself? It’s a great way to add a finishing touch in just a couple of minutes.


Rapture Pure - Roller Blind



Adding something a little bit special to the bathroom is what this design is all about. We love it, and we know you’ll love it too!



Do Bathroom Blinds Need to be Waterproof?

The common idea about bathroom blinds is that they need to be waterproof, but that’s not the full sotry. At 247 Blinds we know what matters when it comes to keeping your home looking its best, which is why we’ve invested heavily in anti-mould PVC fabrics.


Bathrooms are always a little bit damp in the air when you’ve enjoyed a long relaxing soak in the bath, and there’s no getting away from that. That’s why we use waterproof mould-resistant fabrics that don’t take on any moisture so that mould never gets the chance to form. Just what you need when you want to keep your brand new bathroom looking its best for years to come.



Take a Look at Our Colour Ranges

Every bathroom used to be aqua blue, and whilst we love that kind of colour, we know that you want more from your decor than ever before. Take a look at a few of our colour range ideas below to give yourself plenty of food for thought.


Country Creams: Capri Chiffon - Roller Blind



We all dream of escaping to the country, so why not add the quaint homely touch to your bathroom with some of our country cream inspired designs? Just what you need when you want to make a house feel like a home.


Regal Colours: Palermo Palace - Roller Blind



Making yourself feel like royalty is one of the secrets to a great soak in the bath at the end of the long day, so why not do it? We have thousands of different options, and designs like Palermo Palace are just what you need to bring your decor dreams to life.


Contemporary Shades: Element Dove - Roller Blind

Light greys and subtle patterns are in for 2019, and they’re such great additions to the bathroom that we thought we’d introduce you to one of our most popular designs. Just what you need when you want to transform your tired old bathroom into your favourite room in the house.


Dreamy Designs: Peacock Pewter - Roller Blind



Subtle patterns and eye-catching colours that set your mind at ease are just what you need to breathe new life into the bathroom. With designs like Peacock Pewter on offer, we can help you turn your bathroom into the dreamy relaxing space that you can’t wait to get home to.



How Bathroom Blinds Provide Privacy

We’re proud that our blinds don’t just look great; they work great too. That means when you want to relax in the bath and never feel like you’re overlooked, all you need to do is lower your brand new bathroom blinds and let them do the rest. Exactly what you need for that all-important peace of mind.