Why settle? How to create stunning looks using both blinds and curtains


Posted 30/06/2021

Blinds or curtains? It's the age old question that we were thinking about for years, and then suddenly we found the answer: both! No seriously, if you get it right then you can create a stunning look that works in virtually any type of home. Not only that, but you can also introduce a variety of different colours, textures, and patterns with the minimum of effort. Don't believe us? Let's dive right in…


Where does this idea come from?

Good question! If you look at period properties, particularly Victorian ones, then you'll actually see a whole host of different window dressings in any given window. This was particularly popular in the prominent bay windows that were the fashion of the time and that we all still know and love. That's where we got the idea from and that's what we want to talk about.


Getting the balance right

Now you know that you can use blinds and curtains together, you need to think about how to really make it happen. Decorating windows with blinds and curtains isn't a case of mixing and matching, it's a case of getting them working together in perfect harmony. While this is very much a matter of personal taste there are a few tried and trusted building blocks that you can use in your home:


- Venetian Blinds: They come in a wide variety of finishes, with dark wood of particular interest, and they allow you to have optimal control of your light. When you combine this with matching curtains you can really make a picture of your bay windows.



- Vertical Blinds: Looking for something a little more modern with vertical blinds could be right up your alley. Think of a light neutral colour set against more ornate curtains and you will be on the right track.



- Floral Curtains: Going big and bold with your decor is the idea here, and if you get it right you can really make your bay windows stand out. Not only that, but because you have lighter, more neutral blinds sitting in the background you have true depth as part of your window dressings.



Now that we've told you what we have in mind — light neutral blinds set behind bold floral curtains — is there anything else that we need to say? Well, take a look at this…


Anything else I need to know about pairing blinds with curtains?

We also like the idea of wooden blinds sat behind your floral curtains. Imagine the beauty of a light floral curtain set against a dark wooden venetian blind. This will give you that country charm and period elegance it can be so hard to find now, all with the refreshing quality of made-to-measure style.


But as with anything that we talk about, it really does come down to personal choice at the end of the day. This means the best way forward is to draw up a shortlist, get in touch, and then head to your doorstep and pick up your free samples. Once you see your blinds and your curtain fabrics next to each other you’ll have a great idea about what the end result will look like.

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